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Monday, January 30

January referrals

January referrals
Not at all a complaint, but my referrals have not been as interesting because I am getting legit referrals from other blogs, the Comic Blog Legion, and searches. Yet, there are few gems from January--

What is a box with a red x in it mean
Without love we are nothing but strangers in paradise
the story about the daughter who tries to give her dad a box
true redhead hot legs
sexy female Marvel characters
gay tight pants
gay redheaded men
unicorn with redhead
beautiful redhead people
liver pool sexy people
how to paint like Alex Ross
hot sexy "heals"
futurama fan art
sexy ladies in a "thing"
sexy soldier picture
what is a redhead
marvel teamup legion of losers
old sexy women

I'm not weaseling!

Bite size mini reviews! Chocolate coated and yummy.

All Star Superman2
Morrison's well written and Quitely's well drawn series continues. This one focuses on Lois dealing with the idea that Clark Kent and Superman are actually the same person. It involves a 1/2 million ton key, the items of the Fortress of Solitude, and her paranoia over what his real intent is. "When do Clark and Jimmy and Perry pop out of the Salt and Pepper shakers and yell Happy Birthday?"

Girls 9
"I'm not weaseling! Guys meet strange women all the time! So I met a genetic oddity! Is that my fault?"
Ethan and the town try to figure out where the invisible wall ends, and what is happening with the naked girls that kill the women and screw the men.
"It's rough for single guys like us. With the options in this town- or lack of- we get lonely sometimes."
It's a stretch that the miscommunication was so off between Ethan and his ex that she thought they were just not talking, but not broken up. "You cheated on me! ---We broke up six months ago!--- we stopped talking six months ago!"

Nextwave 1
Oh, Warren Ellis, did you have to resort to a tired New Jersey joke? "buried-- in New Jersey!"
H.A.T.E High anti terrorism effort. Faith based funding! It's timely. It just seemed a little too over-the-top-- which sometimes means you hit bottom.

Sunday, January 29

5 girls + beer = fun

Due to a very late and fun bar night with the girls seen here, Fangirl will not even try to read any comics or write anything today.

Saturday, January 28

MJ and the jealousy thing

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 1 and 2
How can you not love the cute artwork of a high school Peter Parker and Mary Jane? I find it a nice change after reading comics "for mature audiences" to pick this All Ages comic up, and still be pleased with the art and writing. Sean McKeever infuses high school drama, identity and relationship issues up to the mirror of all of us-- with a tiny taste of the superhero struggle in Peter.

MJ is the star of this series, and she starts by distancing her self from the triangle of friends Liz and Flash and spending more time with tutor Peter Parker.
"I never really appreciated the library until you showed me around"

She is still crushin' hard on Spidey, so MJ decides ask him out, only to be turned down flat.

"Chasing you around the city for days! I"

Spidey: "I'm flattered, but it's just not gonna happen.Get me out of your head! And stop looking for me. You're gonna get yourself hurt."

MJ: "Too late."

So MJ finds her new obession- Drama. In SLMJ2, she auditions for the school play. And Flash is so jealous over Peter spending time with her, he bullies him even more- including atomic wedgies! MJ, defends Peter and yells at Flash.

And MJ moans to Peter about seeing Spidey with Firestorm-
"He won't have anything to do with me, but he goes and dates this other redhead-- why, because she can fly?"

Friday, January 27

Jeux sans frontieres

What new can I say on Infinite Crisis 4, reading it 9 days after it's been out? I thought I'd use Peter Gabriel's "Games without frontiers" to explain the plot of IC4..

Luthor plays with Superboy, Supes plays with Lois
Psycho-Pirate played Eclipso, Spectre is confused again
OMACs run by Luthor, Superboy plays with planets
They build a tower, Power Girl’s part of it
-whistling tunes Batman gets Grayson on his side
-whistling tunes Superboy gets Connor in a struggle

It’s a knockout
If looks could kill, they probably will
Infinite Crisis without frontiers-war without tears
Multiverse without frontiers-war without tears

Jeux sans frontieres

Connor has a red S, Superboy’s tights are blue.
They both are able to fly and the Titans come through
Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games
Fighting in Smallville shouting out rude names
-whistling tunes they fight together allied
-whistling tunes Wally tries to run and be single
It’s a knockout
If looks could Linda’s probably will
In games without frontiers-wars without tears

Shazam says Black Adam
It’s Homecoming

Twelve bar blues

I'm way behind in comicland. Prob. the last comic fan to read Infinite Crisis 4 (just finished).
I have my reasons:
  • My mom was here visiting
  • The library has been swamp city with tax questions, training, new IT services
  • I'm training for a 2 mile run next month
  • I'm working on learning the 12 bar blues on guitar
  • Fielding lots of calls and emails for the MidJersey Comicon in March
  • The Comic Blog Legion began this week. Big ups to Gordon and Ragnell for promoting it on their blogs. I got several requests to join by other groovy cool bloggers and add to the list every day.
Thoughts soon on Warren Ellis' Nextwave, Girls 9, IC4, SpiderMan loves MJ2.
Did you get Catwoman 51 (with the Lost numbers on the cover?)

Wednesday, January 25

100th She-Hulk 100 pages

She-Hulk 3 of 10 Silver Bullet review

Dan Slott has carried off his ambitious idea-- for She-Hulk's 100th solo issue, he created a 100 page issue. Greg Horn cover. Guest Artists Pelletier, Kolins, Vosburg, Mayhew, Simpson, Conner, Frenz, Weeks, Powell, Grummett-- they brought in lots of past She-Hulk illustrators as a nice homage and some new artists to put their spin.

Slott's original story is about She-Hulk's trial for time-travel violations. The set up allows people to come be "character witnesses" for She-Hulk. The idea that She-Hulk is a unique character that should not be erased from history is the main theme. What people believe makes her unique is the fun part----

Wyatt Wingfoot (ex)-- "her indomitable spirit and her strength of will" Dad "she defined herself. became a true hero. a unique individual." Razorback (outer space trucker) "her chest...that's what makes She-Hulk special" Spider-Man "She's quippy. I'm quippy. When we get together, we quip."

AND 2Reprints -- The Savage She-Hulk (1979 Stan Lee presents $.40) and The Sensational She-Hulk (1989 $1.50)make this issue really special.

Blonde Redhead

Redhead to be blonde Gwen Stacy

A redhead, Bryce Dallas Howard, will play the blonde Gwen Stacy in Spiderman 3. Currently, Kirsten Dunst- a blonde- plays redhead Mary Jane Watson.

Girl fight over Peter Parker! Well, we know that MJ wins in the end because Gwen gets killed by the Green Goblin. Since daddy GG is dead in the movie series, and son James Falco is heading towards being the new Green Goblin, will Gwen be killed off in 3? Plus, the movie sets up MJ as the girl next door first crush of Peters, which means somehow they will either flashback and "add" Gwen to the mix or just have her come in to swoop Peter away.

Peter Parker/Spidey is probably my biggest comic crush. Intelligent, awkward, shy Peter Parker and witty, strong, fast Spiderman combined have worked as a character set up for decades. And Mary Jane has always been strong, sassy and more real because of her troubled alcoholic dad and single mom.

As for the film version, I do like Tobey as Spidey. Kirsten Dunst is cute and attractive, but I'm not sure she is written or played quite as boldly as the MJ I like.

And Bryce was just about the only interesting thing about The Village, although I have some affection for the movie because I watched on the plane to Ireland last year on my own in seat TV screen.

Tuesday, January 24

Comic Bloggers are Winners

Comic Bloggers Poll-- The Winners!

Chris at Crisis/Boring Change took on the big task of asking comic bloggers their opinions, and trying to make sense of them all!

Redhead Fangirl did vote and the RF *Secret Ballot* for the Comic Bloggers Poll did include- at least from what I recall-
Writer- Dan Slott, Brain K. Vaughan, Warren Ellis, Sean McKeever, Gail Simone, Scott Beatty, Robert Kirkman
Artist- Rags Morales, Ethan Van Sciver, Alex Ross, Frank Quitely
Ongoing- Y the Last Man, Birds of Prey, Invincible, She-Hulk, All Star Supes
Original Graphic Novel - The Quitter, Tricked
Mini-Series - Mary Jane Homecoming
Best Collection- We3, Nightwing Year one, Walking Dead

Seeing the list I smack my head and think Doh! Should have voted for that!

Monday, January 23



A new site for finding groups of what your interested in...comics, anime, manga, Keanu Reeves, witches, Insane Clown Posse...if your into it, there's probably a group of people who love it too!

Sunday, January 22

plenty of bounty in these hunters

Daughters of the Dragon
First issue of the new series about two bail bondswomen-- Misty Knight (black girl in red) and Colleen Wing (redhead in purple jumpsuit).

Written by Justin Gray and penciled by newcomer Khari Evans, DotD is labeled parental advisory, mostly for the T-n-A shots (look at my unzipped jumpsuit like Cannonball Run! Wow, this red track suit gives me a EE cup!). I wonder if I had to jump onto a moving police vehicle I'd be able to kneel in such a way to look like it's an FHM spread like Misty does?

Not to totally slag the comic, because when I wasn't dwelling on the babe factor, the writing was snappy in places. Some lines I enjoyed, along with the bad guy losers in 8Ball (with a giant 8 ball head!), Whirlwind, Humbug and Freezer Burn. I'm unsure about picking up issue 2 (of 6), but leaning towards it.

"you idiots almost make me miss being part of the masters of evil"

"all small time criminals except for Whirlwind- he's a class 5 mutant."

"I'd normally say we bag-and-tag him first, but he's gone Waldo."

Saturday, January 21


My 2006 goal was to roll out a Comic Blog Legion-- a page devoted to comic bloggers. The idea comes from ShoreTurtle , who has an excellent blog for his running exploits, and is part of the Running Blog Family He has met up with other RBF bloggers..and so I thought...we need that for comic bloggers!

It's a soft roll out right now. I will be link mining other sites, and hope to get submissions too. There are 594 running blogs listed now-- who knows how many other comic blogs are in the blogosphere just wishin' and hopin' to be found.

As a librarian, I will work to improve the indexing also. I currently have the 'charter members' list; an alphabetical index; and a geographical index.

Spread the word!
(it's the cold word, no matter how you say it, you know that you'll be heard.)


Thursday, January 19

Zombie dreams and Batman

Batman: Night of the Living Death 3 of 3.

Partially inspired by the undead attacking Batman, I dreamt I was in a building trying to machete my way through zombies. And if that wasn't bloody enough, I then had to use a small knife and cut the jugular veins on the necks to get out. The dream ended when I ran outside, blood on my white outfit. Somehow I was in Houston, and I thought I didn't even want to go to Texas!

Batman is being manipulated by a killer, until Deadman and The Phantom Stranger come to help him realize that "you are affecting this reality, changing it and handing power over to the hanged man." I'm glad this is the last issue, one because each one costs $5.99, but also because I'm not sure I like the 30 days of night version of Bats.

Some other noteworthy quotes--
Because in their dying moments they thought- "Where's Batman? Where's Gotham's guardian angel?

Robin? Jason? I'm here to help! Geez, Bats! It's me. What the heck's the matter?

Amazing what seeing your parents die can do to a man, eh, Batman?

Give us life beyond, son, beyond our violent deaths.

Wednesday, January 18

A green redhead Guy

To keep up with Ragnell and other Green Lanternites, I bought Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins 2005. It includes profile pages- written by Geoff Johns-- on Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart, Guy Gardner. And the GL realm; The Guardians of the Universe, Parallax, Kilowog, Sinestro. There's even a short story with Van Sciver pencils.

If you want a great nonfiction DVD to rent, I'd suggest The Corporation. Corporate insiders and critics discuss the all pervasive corporation. The incredible wealth and power, and the moral responsibility of the employees, executives, and stockholders(the people) as opposed to the entity (corporation) I got my copy at the library!

Tuesday, January 17

2 Barbara Gordons!

Ebay delivered to me Zero Hour Batman #511 from September 1994. This is a classic issue because, due to alternate realities, there exists both a Batgirl and The Oracle.

Batman and Robin III (Tim Drake) come across Batgirl fighting crime--
but not paralyzed and not the Oracle.
Batgirl: "Nice of you boys to show up"
Batman: "Batgirl? You're healthy again?"
Robin: "She looks okay to me. REALLY okay."

The police are shooting at the three of them, because Joker had killed Commissioner Gordon...and the new commish is Harvey Dent! But not Two-Face, because there was no acid splashed on him at trial.

In this world, Batgirl and Batman were an item. When Bats doesn't know "how things really are...between us" and "has Joker made you forget everything, even me!" Batgirl runs away crying.

Batman visits Oracle, who later gets a visit from..herself! "She was my..self. She" The Oracle tells Batman to visit Metropolis, to seek help from Superman.

Just a fun issue, with lots of red hair and blue eyes, and swirling blue capes.

the most fertile Irish male

Scientists discover most fertile Irish male

As many as 1 in 12 Irish males carry the same Y chromosome-- also in 2% of New York males. Those Irish boys do seem to try to have opportunities to spread their seeds around...

Monday, January 16

Soon to tickle my fancy

Pouring through Comic Store News 964 and 968, these titles are on my radar...beep..beep...beep...

Put the book back on the shelf-- an anthology of stories inspired by the songs of Belle and Sebastian. Creators put a spin on B and S songs with stories inspired by the bands music. Dear Castophe Waitress,

Looking Glass Wars #2-- Hatter M returns

Daredevil #82-- Ed Brubaker begins his run as writer.

I (heart) Marvel-- Web of Romance, But he said he loved me, Marvel AI, My mutant heart

Marvel Legacy: The 1960's handbook-- everything published up from Avengers, Captain America, Daredevil, Fan 4, Silver Surfer

She-Hulk #5-- Matthew Hawk, the Two-Gun Kid, comes to town

X-Men: Apocalypse/Dracula-- 4 issues of Victorian mayhem

Powers Volume 9: Psychotic-- trade of story arc up to 50th issue

Harvey Pekar American Splendor miniseries for Vertigo

Final Destination: Spring Break #1

Lone Ranger (John Cassaday illustrates and Brett Matthews-Serenity- to write)

Green Arrow-- Oliver Queen is mayor of Star City in DC's 'one year later' event

Sunday, January 15

Ultra damn good

Ultra: Seven Days
Jonathan and Joshua Luna

I expected to like Ultra, because of the strong work on Girls, but I enjoyed it even more than I expected! Joshua Luna's writing style gives the female characters a modern voice, and Johnathans art depicts them in a sassy yet decent way. The story hinges on three superheroines going to a fortune teller, and being told they will receive their fortunes in Seven Days (hence the title. This could have been a novelty trick, but the characterizations make it work. And I laughed out loud several times!

Ultra Pearl- "very strong, work important, will find true love in seven days"
Aphrodite (Olivia)- "energetic and liberated, loss within seven days"
Cowgirl (Jennifer)- "kind person, daddys power, receive in seven days"

Americans can never get enough of the topics wihtin-- Explores the cult of celebrity, publicists, agents, being a superhero, and how fame twists relationships, that can already be so hard. I really felt for Pearl when the shy and funny guy "See, I have a tendency to say stupid things when I'm nervous" betrays her to the press and runs away.

Cowgirl consoles her "What this guy did is so unspeakably cruel. He must have really hurt you." but "all your past experiences- good and bad- were meant to steer you towards your one."

In the end, Aphrodite, the Maxim sexpot of the 3, says "They don't see the real us. What they think of us isn't our problem. It's theirs."

I'd like to explain every bit of the plot, but don't you hate it when someone tries to convince you how great a book/movie/CD is by going on, and on.

Saturday, January 14

kudos, sultry librarians

Brian K. Vaughan has racked up a lot of year end praise, including from the Library Journal, and hollas back at us 'sultry librarians' on his blog.

And DC just wrote to say that EX MACHINA: TAG was named one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2005 by The Library Journal, which wrote, "This story of a costumed crimefighter who hung up his helmet to become mayor of New York has sharp dialog, first-rate artwork, drama, intrigue, humor, romance, super-science, a strong focus on social and political issues, a great supporting cast, and at its center a man who is, despite his protestations, a real hero." Kudos, sultry librarians of America.

If that weren't enough, BKV will be at the NY Comicon in February. I met him last year, and even got to ask him a hypothetical question about getting in a fistfight with other comic writers. He's smart, humble, and even looks cute bald.

Friday, January 13

Ch-ch-ch, ha-ha-ha

You know, the Friday the 13th theme? Not only is it Friday the 13th, it is also a full moon. For moonchild Cancer's like me (and other water signs Pisces and Scorpio) it's OK to feel out of sorts- but it doesn't mean bad luck.

Thanks to Sam, a long time comic and sci fi fan who suggested I read JSA 81.
It was a sweet and simple father-daughter story, written by Geoff Johns and pencilled by Dale Eaglesham. Stargirl is one of the youngest members of the JSA, being raised by her stepdad Pat. Her real dad took off when she was born (her father was a member of the Royal Flush Gang)

Even being blonde, I like Stargirl- she's strong willed. Her midriff bearing outfit is sexy, but her braces and poses aren't too vampy. She's a teen trying to work out identity from the abandonment of her father, to getting a stepdad and brother and the clashing that causes.

"So what if the boys stare a little..." "Listen to me kid, boys are nothing but trouble"

This issue also introduced me to Liberty Belle, who first appearing in Boy Commandos in 1942. The back story is that her relationship with daughter Jesse Quick was strained when she found out Jesse was having an affair with fiance Philip. In #81 Stargirl convinces Liberty that "your daughter needs her mother". A well done, decent story I'd suggest to anyone.

Tuesday, January 10

Ocean breathes salty

Aquaman 37 and 38

There are always guys who say "I don't like Aquaman". Not to be all pop-psych, but it strikes me a little homophobic, like he's not as tough or aloof as Supes and Bats. So I get an inner smile because I feel like these guys need to work something out about themselves. As my friend J says "everyone's a little gay".

For me, Aquaman is imprinted as one of my childhood crushes-- blond hair, blue eyed, big strong scaly muscles and those green tight pants on the Superfriends....OK, I'm back...

The interesting thing about Aquaman 37 is that the cover originally led with his water hand (you could see that would be more effective)-- but it was his right hand, and normal one, leading so the cover had to be altered.

Aquaman 38-
Aquaman's kingdom is lost. Mera struggles on the surface to get rescue materials to the refugees, while mourning the loss of Atlantis. and Aquaman mourns his personal loss of Koryak-

"Koryak came back, he did it for me. He was my son, and I barely knew him at all."

For anything Aquaman related- including pics of Will Toale, the yummy young actor who will be Aquaman in a new WB series , I go to The Aquaman Website.

Lead on, leader

"What's the plan, dark crystal?" "It's Darkhawk, actually"

My double dose of Kirkman this week was Marvel Zombies 2, and Marvel Team-up 16. The League of Losers carries on against the revealed villian- Chronok. Chronok made a database of information on every scrap of information on superheroes (very librarian-ish. once again I will state we could rule the world if we wanted). With this info, he and his thousands of soldiers storm Earth and kill off all the known heroes.

Who is left? Those 'heroes' that weren't popular, or known enough to even be recorded.

When Terror, Inc ( a green spiky face guy in a trenchcoat and fedora) is asked to help..
"Had you a modicum of intelligence, dear boy, you would see that I am not wearing spandex. I can't help you."

Team bonding begins (a chance to get out if we work as a team moments), although they don't even know each other's names. Gravity grabbed the time machine, and a plan is hatched to go into the future to find him and stop the plan.

We could save the world!

Rags time

Rags Morales will be back in '06 working on the DC's JSA for the "One Year Later" restart after Infinite Crisis. Here's a pic of him from Philly Wizard. Of the artists I met, he was the coolest. He had to sign about 100 Identity Crisis' for the dealers in front of me who just threw them on the table. And when I started this blog, my very first comment was from Rags Morales. I knew I was into something good!

Monday, January 9


Some bat-family comic reviews. No bat dancing though.

Catwoman 50
Will Pfiefer writes what DC is calling a "milestone issue" here. Will's blog post of the cover-- Selina walking past a huge poster of Zatanna, very noir, intrigued me to buy this issue. Zatanna feels guilty over the 'mind altering' they did of of Catwoman, to make her "trade evil for good". There is a lot of talk about the "blessed event" coming for Catwoman, but Will says those issues are months down the line.

Batman and the Monster Men #1
Story and art by Matt Wagner.
Very cool retro horror art. Bruce Wayne's girlfriend, Julie Madison-- a redhaired gray-eyed law student, able to handle herself. When Bruce arrives at the charity ball, he's surrounded by women, "I'd have to beat them off you with a stick" teases Julie. "I'm pretty good at defending myself, except when it comes to smart, stylish, grey-eyed law students."

We are fooled by panels drawn in shadow of a man working out, who turns out to be the scrawny Professor Strange, and not Batman. Ridiculed at the charity ball, Professor Strange takes the couple hostage, and feeds them to his monster men.

Batman and Robin 3
My least favorite of the three. After all the Frank Miller panty shot talk, I felt sort of dirty reading the Black Canary portion of the book. Besides just the cover shot, there are at least 3 shot from blow scissor kicks that are just too much. Sometimes crotch shots can get in the way of the story!
Plus, I hate when a story tries to tell a "message" by becoming an example of a message...this one was that all the men in the bar where ogling, making comments about, and touching Black Canary, and then she beats the hell out of them because "a sweet young thing like me can only take so much". This is accomplished with leering shots of the 'strong female' (much like the prostitutes of Sin City). Hopping on a motorcycle "the Harley's a roaring lion between her legs".
Once we move to the bat-napping of Robin, the story is better. Jim Lee's artwork of the batmobile underwater, a sleek machine with light showing Bats and Robin within, that works. The story ends with a ticked-off Superman reading about the kidnapping.

Sunday, January 8

low ankles

Read a few comics I'll review next (Y, Catwoman, Spider-Man loves Mary Jane) but here are 2 films I recently saw, and liked.

Brokeback Mountain
I've been waiting to see this for a long while -- a gay cowboy story with Jake and Heath! The cinematography was great- the vast spaces of Wyoming and the lonely feel of the landscape. The lead characters do well with being torn between their traditional lives of wives, children and the pull of the love they have. The theatre was busy. Heath plays a man of few words, tied up emotionally, and does it well. I just read EW about Michelle Williams, and their new baby (they met on the set).

Me and You and Everyone you know (DVD)
This indie film is different, but standard indie fare-- quirky people, kids, settings. It tries to talk about love, art, connecting in the modern world. It mostly succeeded to me. Miranda July wrote, directed and stars, and she is excellent. Her 'love interest' shoe salesman was really unattractive to me, so it was hard for me to relate to her wanting him, but he at least was smart and decent.

Saturday, January 7

I can smell my own damn legs

Damon Lindelof, head writer of LOST the tv show, has written Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk for Marvel. He says he writes between 1 AM and 5 AM on Sundays, the only time he's not working on Lost. I've been a regular Lost fan since the start, but can't say I'm a big fan when compared to my friend M, who spends hours a day in 'the fuselage' the online site devoted to Lost. The comic book references have been interesting, and clearly Lindelof is a long time fanboy...

(an interesting connection: my friend J worked at a north Jersey movie theatre in HS with Damon)

Lost writer finds avocation

Lindelof, like Heinberg, lets his love of comics influence his television writing, littering his show with comic-book references. (On one episode of "Lost," castaway Hurley can be seen reading a comic book in a flashback sequence; the comic is Incredible Hulk #181, featuring the first appearance of Wolverine — both title characters of Lindelof's comic miniseries.)

In Ultimate W vs. H, Logan is given the task to find and kill the Hulk (Bruce Banner). The Hulk is more than 'hulking' in this comic, he is massive, and veiny. There is one two page spreads where the hulk sits like a sheik, and women are everywhere-- and the women appear mouse sized in comparison! Any-hoo, the comic starts with a bloody Logan, very hairy, being torn apart by the Hulk. "&%$#er threw my legs four miles!" When Logan was recruited for the job, he meets Dr. Jennifer Walters. She give him a sniff of what runs in Bruce's veins. Bruce had killed eight hundred people in NYC, and SHIELD executed him....but he lives. Logan's comments seem true to form, the art is a bit grim, but the story will hold my attention for now.

Friday, January 6

Challengers of graphic novels must die

Big box of graphic novels at the library today! We have a new policy that for EVERY single GN title I order, my boss has to review personally. Some bureaucrat (a non librarian) got her panties in a bunch over the GN's, and that trickles down to us on the front lines. Before I even buy a single title, I have to find a positive review (from an acceptable source) and decide what collection (adult, young adult, juvenile) they will be cataloged.

Your librarians have to work hard for you to have access to materials! It's not like walking in a comic shop or Barnes and Noble and buying whatever looks good on the shelf.

But, when I see happy faces with these titles in their hands, it's worth it! I've been waiting to read Ultra and True Story myself.

Today's booty--
Fruits Basket 12
Peach Girl 3
PG Change of Heart 5
xxxholic 2
Cromartie HS 1
The Incredibles
Wolverine: Soultaker
Captain America: Winter Soldier
True Story Swear to God
Faeries Landing
InuYasha 2
Essential Amazing Spiderman 5
Essential Xmen 6
Challengers of the Unknown must die
Spiderman Human Torch
Plastic Man On the Lam

Thursday, January 5

Just a girl in the comic world

Heidi at Comics Fairplay has an interesting post today.

The Object of Desire? Sexism? Testosterone?

Although I'm a librarian, all the reference staff is male. I play guitar now; mostly men in the music stores. But entering this world of comic fandom has put me in a sometimes fun position of being the sole female in a comic store, or one of few at a con (not with their boyfriends/husbands). It's been interesting. There are certainly stereotypical 40 year old virgins who get tongue-tied with women. Or those who spit out whatever they want, social pleasantries be damned! But then there are great artists, writers, and normal people like me, who just like writing and art and the themes of comics.
The one thing I hate is that at every comic con there are several porn star/old playboy models/con slut hags. At the NY con, I walked around the corner and it was 'porn alley'. There were little kids pressed against the pictures while raggedy ass old penthouse chick in her cut off jeans, not even looking good, is selling a 5 x 7 for $25. Yea, that's so hot.

Wednesday, January 4

Justice, Lost Souls, and Painkiller Jane

On Dec 31st, my free one month gym membership ended. I took these 2 comics to read while I biked and listened to the ipod. Everyone else was watching ESPN or reading Self, but there I was with my comics!

Justice 3
Writen by Jim Krueger, Art by Alex Ross and Doug Braithwaite
The art, is as ever with Ross, stunning.
Alex Ross oil paints over Doug Braithwaites pencils. There is nothing like it in any comic on the market. The oil paint and color add such depth and texture, that Aquaman's scales come off the page. Martian Manhunter, green and blue cape painted on green and gray background-- that could be a muddled mess if not for the talent of shading and coloring here.
Why else do I love this? How about Priscilla Rich, in a spotted Cheetah coat and hat with two cheetahs, bathed in yellow sunlight? Or closeups of Aquaman's tortured face with Brainiac? The Riddler leaving Joker behind in jail...

"Nigma? You can't do this! I only stay here as long as I think it's funny! And it's not funny anymore."

Book of Lost Souls 3
Jonathan and Mystery, the talking cat, encounter a gothic punkish artist girl who lives on the streets. She's a runaway who lost her love, Lee, to heroin. He believed in her art, and Jonathan tries to have her avoid being sucked into the darkness because of her pain. Lee was a romantic, telling her-
"I would shower you with such affection as would make the sky lament the insufficiency of rain."
Strazynski continues to ask life's big and difficult questions, about love, art, pain, reason, resentment and madness. The art style isn't my favorite, in the gothic blacks and deep purples, but the writing keeps me coming back.

And I watched the Painkiller Jane on Sci Fi. It was OK, a little too calculated. A female soldier is exposed to biocontamination that makes her able to heal faster, make mental connections faster, run faster.

Tuesday, January 3

9 ladies blogging

The Comic Treadmill "brings you links to our favorite nine ladies of blogging"--and Redhead Fangirl made the list! There are also 8 other great blogs to see, including Shelly's, my fellow librarian comic woman.

Sometimes with blogging, it's like sending a message in a bottle; will anyone ever read this? Then you go through a run with no comments, although the hits and referrals show people looking at the blog, and I wonder, OK, people are looking but they don't like what I'm writing! But then, a great site like this namechecks you, or someone posts your blog is fantastic, and the world is right. Makes me want to purr like a kitten.

"Next up is Redhead Fangirl, a relative newcomer with a blog worth keeping an eye on. And we're not just saying that because of our healthy predisposition toward redheaded women--although it doesn't hurt."

Monday, January 2

Dear Oracle,

Allow me to introduce myself...I'm the man who's going to bury you, your friends, and your family. Meaning no disrespect or malice, of course. You are simply in the way, my dear. -Calculator to Oracle

Birds of Prey 89 -- Perfect Pitch Part 3

(introducting Paulo Siquera penciller) Gail Simone continues to write great dialogue for the Oracle and Calculator in the latest BOP. The opening scene shows Oracle in a therapeutic pool, with a trainer and dad Commish Gordon wondering in the miracle of her wiggling toes. Addressing all the speculation in fanworld on her walking, or even fighting again, Oracle says "This may be all there is to the upgrade in my condition. I could even regress."
She reveals to dear dad her world as the Oracle, born out of the fear from Joker's shooting. Her computer and information skills (a good librarian!) led her to fight crime in a way that was good for her. She then pulls out the Batgirl which Commish says "Okay...This part..I knew."
Savant has been abducted to reveal who and where the Oracle is. Calling Canary, and Huntress, they race right into get Savant. Batman appears to leave a cliffhanger...Helena may have not told all about her mission to start a gang war in Gotham. "So I'm telling you once- shut it down."

Xmas done. New Year done. Now it's time to take down decorations, clean out the bills, spend the gift cards. I saw that 'busyaholics' and 'rushaholics' like me --argh, I'm one of those list making goal writing people-- find the new year hard because we want to accomplish it all.

Sunday, January 1

Referr(al) Madness

Continuing my new 1st of the month feature--
wacky referrals December edition.

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