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Thursday, January 19

Zombie dreams and Batman

Batman: Night of the Living Death 3 of 3.

Partially inspired by the undead attacking Batman, I dreamt I was in a building trying to machete my way through zombies. And if that wasn't bloody enough, I then had to use a small knife and cut the jugular veins on the necks to get out. The dream ended when I ran outside, blood on my white outfit. Somehow I was in Houston, and I thought I didn't even want to go to Texas!

Batman is being manipulated by a killer, until Deadman and The Phantom Stranger come to help him realize that "you are affecting this reality, changing it and handing power over to the hanged man." I'm glad this is the last issue, one because each one costs $5.99, but also because I'm not sure I like the 30 days of night version of Bats.

Some other noteworthy quotes--
Because in their dying moments they thought- "Where's Batman? Where's Gotham's guardian angel?

Robin? Jason? I'm here to help! Geez, Bats! It's me. What the heck's the matter?

Amazing what seeing your parents die can do to a man, eh, Batman?

Give us life beyond, son, beyond our violent deaths.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I was supremely disappointed in this series, mainly because I paid 18 bucks for what felt like two regular comics.

Plus, I thought Niles laid on the afterlife philosophizin' waaaaay too heavy in the first issue.

Finally, I can appreciate a good mystery and trying to throw the reader off balance...but when it's a 3 issue series and we have little to no idea what in holy hell is going on until it's explained to us 5 pages from the end...that's dirty pool, my friend.

Plus, I thought the non-zombie art was uniformly terrible.

Sorry for the rant.

P.S. Keep up the good bloggin'!


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