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Monday, January 23



A new site for finding groups of what your interested in...comics, anime, manga, Keanu Reeves, witches, Insane Clown Posse...if your into it, there's probably a group of people who love it too!


At 6:34 PM, Blogger Fangirls Moderator said...


Cool blog! I have just started a blog over at where we are accepting entries from fangirls all over the web to submit their pic and bio to be featured as a "Fangirl of the Day." Its a great way to get yourself and your blog out there. The best part is that we will have users vote and 12 of the fangirls will be selected for a FANGIRLS CALENDAR that we will sell at cons all over the country.

If you could find some time to check out the site, and if youre intersted, email a pic and answers to the questions on the website, you can be one of our first "Fangirls of the Day"

Hope to hear form you soon.




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