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Friday, January 27

Twelve bar blues

I'm way behind in comicland. Prob. the last comic fan to read Infinite Crisis 4 (just finished).
I have my reasons:
  • My mom was here visiting
  • The library has been swamp city with tax questions, training, new IT services
  • I'm training for a 2 mile run next month
  • I'm working on learning the 12 bar blues on guitar
  • Fielding lots of calls and emails for the MidJersey Comicon in March
  • The Comic Blog Legion began this week. Big ups to Gordon and Ragnell for promoting it on their blogs. I got several requests to join by other groovy cool bloggers and add to the list every day.
Thoughts soon on Warren Ellis' Nextwave, Girls 9, IC4, SpiderMan loves MJ2.
Did you get Catwoman 51 (with the Lost numbers on the cover?)


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Kiki said...

sounds like you've been busy


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