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Tuesday, January 17

2 Barbara Gordons!

Ebay delivered to me Zero Hour Batman #511 from September 1994. This is a classic issue because, due to alternate realities, there exists both a Batgirl and The Oracle.

Batman and Robin III (Tim Drake) come across Batgirl fighting crime--
but not paralyzed and not the Oracle.
Batgirl: "Nice of you boys to show up"
Batman: "Batgirl? You're healthy again?"
Robin: "She looks okay to me. REALLY okay."

The police are shooting at the three of them, because Joker had killed Commissioner Gordon...and the new commish is Harvey Dent! But not Two-Face, because there was no acid splashed on him at trial.

In this world, Batgirl and Batman were an item. When Bats doesn't know "how things really are...between us" and "has Joker made you forget everything, even me!" Batgirl runs away crying.

Batman visits Oracle, who later gets a visit from..herself! "She was my..self. She" The Oracle tells Batman to visit Metropolis, to seek help from Superman.

Just a fun issue, with lots of red hair and blue eyes, and swirling blue capes.


At 8:16 PM, Blogger Rich said...

The ZERO HOUR story-arc featured lots of fun things, especially when Superman (in his title) meets the various interpretations of Batman -- from Frank Miller-style psychopath to Golden Age-style Scoutmaster. ZERO HOUR, like CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, drove many a continuity freak to the brink of suicide. But fun, nonetheless ...

At 7:20 PM, Blogger Rae said...

You know, we have a friend who has sold a TON of comics on Ebay. I wonder if you've ever bought something from him! Wouldn't that be a SMALL world!


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