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Saturday, January 28

MJ and the jealousy thing

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane 1 and 2
How can you not love the cute artwork of a high school Peter Parker and Mary Jane? I find it a nice change after reading comics "for mature audiences" to pick this All Ages comic up, and still be pleased with the art and writing. Sean McKeever infuses high school drama, identity and relationship issues up to the mirror of all of us-- with a tiny taste of the superhero struggle in Peter.

MJ is the star of this series, and she starts by distancing her self from the triangle of friends Liz and Flash and spending more time with tutor Peter Parker.
"I never really appreciated the library until you showed me around"

She is still crushin' hard on Spidey, so MJ decides ask him out, only to be turned down flat.

"Chasing you around the city for days! I"

Spidey: "I'm flattered, but it's just not gonna happen.Get me out of your head! And stop looking for me. You're gonna get yourself hurt."

MJ: "Too late."

So MJ finds her new obession- Drama. In SLMJ2, she auditions for the school play. And Flash is so jealous over Peter spending time with her, he bullies him even more- including atomic wedgies! MJ, defends Peter and yells at Flash.

And MJ moans to Peter about seeing Spidey with Firestorm-
"He won't have anything to do with me, but he goes and dates this other redhead-- why, because she can fly?"


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