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Sunday, January 22

plenty of bounty in these hunters

Daughters of the Dragon
First issue of the new series about two bail bondswomen-- Misty Knight (black girl in red) and Colleen Wing (redhead in purple jumpsuit).

Written by Justin Gray and penciled by newcomer Khari Evans, DotD is labeled parental advisory, mostly for the T-n-A shots (look at my unzipped jumpsuit like Cannonball Run! Wow, this red track suit gives me a EE cup!). I wonder if I had to jump onto a moving police vehicle I'd be able to kneel in such a way to look like it's an FHM spread like Misty does?

Not to totally slag the comic, because when I wasn't dwelling on the babe factor, the writing was snappy in places. Some lines I enjoyed, along with the bad guy losers in 8Ball (with a giant 8 ball head!), Whirlwind, Humbug and Freezer Burn. I'm unsure about picking up issue 2 (of 6), but leaning towards it.

"you idiots almost make me miss being part of the masters of evil"

"all small time criminals except for Whirlwind- he's a class 5 mutant."

"I'd normally say we bag-and-tag him first, but he's gone Waldo."


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