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Wednesday, January 25

100th She-Hulk 100 pages

She-Hulk 3 of 10 Silver Bullet review

Dan Slott has carried off his ambitious idea-- for She-Hulk's 100th solo issue, he created a 100 page issue. Greg Horn cover. Guest Artists Pelletier, Kolins, Vosburg, Mayhew, Simpson, Conner, Frenz, Weeks, Powell, Grummett-- they brought in lots of past She-Hulk illustrators as a nice homage and some new artists to put their spin.

Slott's original story is about She-Hulk's trial for time-travel violations. The set up allows people to come be "character witnesses" for She-Hulk. The idea that She-Hulk is a unique character that should not be erased from history is the main theme. What people believe makes her unique is the fun part----

Wyatt Wingfoot (ex)-- "her indomitable spirit and her strength of will" Dad "she defined herself. became a true hero. a unique individual." Razorback (outer space trucker) "her chest...that's what makes She-Hulk special" Spider-Man "She's quippy. I'm quippy. When we get together, we quip."

AND 2Reprints -- The Savage She-Hulk (1979 Stan Lee presents $.40) and The Sensational She-Hulk (1989 $1.50)make this issue really special.


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Mark said...

I was going to review this a couple of weeks ago, but didn't bother, being a lazy git. But my point, when summed up, might have been something like this: as great as this comic is, the cheesecakey covers by Greg Horn do it no favours. On the inside: smart, funny, enlightened. On the outside: jumbo knockers and lycra gussets.

Bleedin' Marvel. Even when it gets somethin' right, it'll do something stupid to let you down.


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