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Saturday, January 14

kudos, sultry librarians

Brian K. Vaughan has racked up a lot of year end praise, including from the Library Journal, and hollas back at us 'sultry librarians' on his blog.

And DC just wrote to say that EX MACHINA: TAG was named one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2005 by The Library Journal, which wrote, "This story of a costumed crimefighter who hung up his helmet to become mayor of New York has sharp dialog, first-rate artwork, drama, intrigue, humor, romance, super-science, a strong focus on social and political issues, a great supporting cast, and at its center a man who is, despite his protestations, a real hero." Kudos, sultry librarians of America.

If that weren't enough, BKV will be at the NY Comicon in February. I met him last year, and even got to ask him a hypothetical question about getting in a fistfight with other comic writers. He's smart, humble, and even looks cute bald.


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