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Sunday, January 15

Ultra damn good

Ultra: Seven Days
Jonathan and Joshua Luna

I expected to like Ultra, because of the strong work on Girls, but I enjoyed it even more than I expected! Joshua Luna's writing style gives the female characters a modern voice, and Johnathans art depicts them in a sassy yet decent way. The story hinges on three superheroines going to a fortune teller, and being told they will receive their fortunes in Seven Days (hence the title. This could have been a novelty trick, but the characterizations make it work. And I laughed out loud several times!

Ultra Pearl- "very strong, work important, will find true love in seven days"
Aphrodite (Olivia)- "energetic and liberated, loss within seven days"
Cowgirl (Jennifer)- "kind person, daddys power, receive in seven days"

Americans can never get enough of the topics wihtin-- Explores the cult of celebrity, publicists, agents, being a superhero, and how fame twists relationships, that can already be so hard. I really felt for Pearl when the shy and funny guy "See, I have a tendency to say stupid things when I'm nervous" betrays her to the press and runs away.

Cowgirl consoles her "What this guy did is so unspeakably cruel. He must have really hurt you." but "all your past experiences- good and bad- were meant to steer you towards your one."

In the end, Aphrodite, the Maxim sexpot of the 3, says "They don't see the real us. What they think of us isn't our problem. It's theirs."

I'd like to explain every bit of the plot, but don't you hate it when someone tries to convince you how great a book/movie/CD is by going on, and on.


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