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Monday, January 30

I'm not weaseling!

Bite size mini reviews! Chocolate coated and yummy.

All Star Superman2
Morrison's well written and Quitely's well drawn series continues. This one focuses on Lois dealing with the idea that Clark Kent and Superman are actually the same person. It involves a 1/2 million ton key, the items of the Fortress of Solitude, and her paranoia over what his real intent is. "When do Clark and Jimmy and Perry pop out of the Salt and Pepper shakers and yell Happy Birthday?"

Girls 9
"I'm not weaseling! Guys meet strange women all the time! So I met a genetic oddity! Is that my fault?"
Ethan and the town try to figure out where the invisible wall ends, and what is happening with the naked girls that kill the women and screw the men.
"It's rough for single guys like us. With the options in this town- or lack of- we get lonely sometimes."
It's a stretch that the miscommunication was so off between Ethan and his ex that she thought they were just not talking, but not broken up. "You cheated on me! ---We broke up six months ago!--- we stopped talking six months ago!"

Nextwave 1
Oh, Warren Ellis, did you have to resort to a tired New Jersey joke? "buried-- in New Jersey!"
H.A.T.E High anti terrorism effort. Faith based funding! It's timely. It just seemed a little too over-the-top-- which sometimes means you hit bottom.


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