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Saturday, April 29

Realm of Nothingness

{Barbara Gordon, librarian! My segway into the BOP review}

Birds of Prey 93
Dinah Lance continues her brutal and demeaning training at the hands of - Lady Shiva's mother? The issue opens with the Black Canary fighting some guy-
"Shouldn't you be preparing my evening meal? Naked? Surely you know that is all your sex is good for?" The lesson is that by engaging her emotionally, he had the first strike. Shame destroys confidence.

Oracle sends Shiva to get Bethany, the conniving little daughter of the Crime Doctor. Little Bethany does get a few zingers in-

To Zinda: "if you and your teeny little skirt don't mind" and

"Oh look, it's half a six pack of hookers, how sweet."

Lady Shiva soon throws her doll out the window spouting, "Dolls bring bad fortune"

When the Crime Doctor is taken from the hospital, a cryptic message "There was a crooked man" is left on the wall.
"It means we're facing the man who beat Batman. Maybe the one guy on the planet who can beat even Shiva. We're up against Prometheus."
[DC Comics Encyclopedia: 3rd Prometheus by far the deadliest. He has turned himself into a master assassin. Found way to the realm of nothingness he calls the Ghost Zone, where whe built a Crooked House patterned after his warped soul.]

Desolation Jones 6's true what they say. Death really means nothing to you.
Every issue I would try to reaquaint myself with which dark-haired of the 3 daughters DJ was chasing. There was the loyal filmmaker one, the oldest, and the youngest trying to prove she is a badass. I know Ellis likes dark haired women, but either my overloaded brain or the schedule made them not so memorable from issue to issue. And I didn't love this enough to put in the time to go back and reread. All in all, kind of glad Desolation is done, for now? or forever? The artwork is frazzled and burned out from J.H. Williams.

Just read Ex Machina special 1, Marvel Team Up 19, Batman and the Monster Men 6, JLA C 20. Since I didn't pick up comics from Wed, that leaves me with only the Green Arrow 61 and the Ex Machina TP3-- the smallest stack I've had in a long time.

Wednesday, April 26

meep,meep. cuuute. die anyway.

Surrounded by hundreds of librarians, I spent Wed. at the New Jersey Library Association conference. Today's sessions - keynote speech by Steve Adubato, Web usability, and Publishing Trends. The exhibitors have fewer giveaways each of the 5 years I've been going-- now a pen and a piece of candy is as good as it gets. Comicons have such better freebies! It is encouraging to see young, hip librarians- even some males- that understand podcasting, blogging, graphic novels. As a reader, the what's hot in publishing was interesting. Looks like chick lit is dead, but lots of erotica, edgy memoirs, websites to books (fratire). And it was held at a hotel on the beach, so afterward I took a long and windy walk along the boardwalk.

Nextwave 4
Ellis claims there is a theme song for Nextwave at the site.
Ginger haired Ellie and team try to stop a "parasite that made it's host turn into a giant robot warrior". Quips, explosions, giant bullets- all Ellis. The captain's backstory is of aliens bestowing him with great powers, drunk and --
"singing a truly filthy song by the Sex Pistols"
Ellie sees the black cat expelled from the giant robot--
meep. meep." "cuuuute. Die anyway."

Justice 5
The JLA fights the threats of the Legion. A long, red drenched panel fight between Wonder Woman and Cheetah is especially good. How does Ross make the metal accents of WW (or the gold on Shazam) look so, real? Like I could look into the page and get a reflection? I know the bimonthly release is long, but the art, the art!
"What do you know about loss?" Batman is irritated when Shazam brings an ailing Superman to the batcave.

Spiderwoman 5 of 5
While the end of this arc, in 2007, Spiderwoman #1 will be released. I didn't love this series, but I liked it, despite some cliched things (working against terrorism but actually for it, parents may not be dead,etc). Jessica Drew races to see if her father is alive, ends up fighting Athena project girls. Finale issue of fights, explosions, punches, kicks and guns, all drawn in Luna style of blurry backgrounds and distinct coloring. Creepy Athena project girls claim to be big fans of Jessica's and also sleeping with her father...We're the next evolution of you

Nick Fury tries to have Jessica work for S.H.I.E.L.D., but she chooses to create Drew Investigations. No lectures Fury. The West coast needs some superheroes, don'tcha think. They're all in New York.

Grimm Fairy Tales 1
Trying to give an indie title a chance, I picked this up. Starts in modern day classroom, with Brett giving hottie Haley test answers. He just drools over her, but we all know she wouldn't be into him, just uses him. She tells him to take some money and his car and get her a package (drugs).
On this quest, he gets the Grimm Fairy Tale book, that flashes back to the Sleeping Beauty Story. In this, the servant Tristan loves princesses from afar. After melting the skin off of other suitors who kissed her to wake her, Tristan kisses her. But she doesn't love him, and a familiar and sad story is exposed..
I..I though you were different. But I see you were never the person I made you out to be.
Brett sees the truth about Haley, and tells her so. The book is taken back, presumably to continue to help others.
The art was very rich, dark lines and colors (and gruesome skin melting!) The writing was pretty good, so I feel like I'll try it again.

Tuesday, April 25


Reading today about the rise of Vlogs [video blogs], podcasts are already old after one year-- but to 'say i did' I made the first Redhead Fangirl podcast. I just riff on 4 comics: Marvel Zombies, Marvel Teamup 18, Aquaman 41 and Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit.

Redhead Fangirl podcast numero uno

I'll probably create a podcast once in a while, but in no way will I commit to any schedule. The writing portion of the blog is what I like best.
There are so many podcasts I'd like to listen to-- but can't at the public reference desk, and my commute is like 1 song long.

Reading: Grimm Fairy Tales, Batman and the Monster Men, JLA Classified, Birds of Prey, Nextwave, DMZ, Justice, Ex Machina.

Sunday, April 23

Imposter Finch, Real Colleen

Chad from Comic Lair at the NYCC impersonating artist David Finch. This was before most of the artist arrived for the public opening.

Moon Knight 1
David Finch, Charlie Huston

The return of Moon Knight had a lot of fans drooling. I can't feel the level of excitement, because I didn't experience the first go-rounds. But the art is spectacular-- blues and silvers of the citiscapes, reds and purples of the Marlene flashbacks, the despair of the wheelchaired hero.
Charlie Huston's backstory on his 15 year old self reading Moon Knight 25 years ago makes me understand the Spector personalities and different lives in his obsessions. I always enjoy a lost-love story too.

Someone has to do the fun stuff. How can I live like this? The risks? The blood I've spilled? The times I've descended into madness? The times I've died? can I live like this? How could I live any other way?

Book of Lost Souls 6

Another Marvel title! Colleen Doran was so great at the NYCC. She was funny and talented, and laughed at herself looking like a schoolteacher. Her art in this BoLS- stained glass, winged creatures, the garden of eden..she can do it all. And Mystery, the cat, is just so cute in these panels; plus adding the wise words of Straczynski- it's the manifestation of what we believe cats would be like if they would talk.

You should be careful. Rooms are like choices...You can get lost and never find your way back again.

'They symbolize forgiveness that will never come.'
'From who?'
'From himself'

It's all about the lost you see. The lost can turn one way or another.

Friday, April 21

Brains! for the redheaded zombie

MidJersey Comicon has set it's August date: Saturday, August 12th at the Ramada Inn. Since our old meeting space is being turned into a Dunkin' Donuts (no lie), we are moving down the road. It's more space, of course more expensive, but many of our dealer friends are committing to the show now.

I love the comics contacts I've made as the Redhead Fangirl.
NJ Order, Star Wars Fan Force will be doing a program at my library in June. We've asked people to bring their cameras, because several will be in costume, including my friend RJ. They will bring lots of Star Wars stuff (maybe an interactive R2?) and then we'll show one of the Star Wars films. That is cool.

Chuck Satterlee at Markosia is going to do a "Creating Comics" workshop for us in August. I'm so jazzed about the program- and the fact that after the kids- well, 5th grade to high school- create their character; he has an real comic artist draw the character and he mails it to them. Wouldn't you just be beside yourself to get that as a kid?

Chuck is the writer on Smoke and Mirrors, Of Bitter Souls, new writer on The Lexian Chronicles. He let me in on big super-secret new project, and a damn huge one in scope, that he will be writing (some clues on his myspace page).

AND- in the next Of Bitter Souls comic,
Norm Breyfogle has added me to the 2 page Bourbon Street zombie scene! It's so thrilling to be in a comic (the scene includes Chuck, his wife, son, the artist, lots of industry folks). As a redhead zombie! It's too good.

Comment soon on Aquaman 41, Book of Lost Souls 6, Moon Knight, Bite Club: VCU.

Wednesday, April 19

Please, tell me about your day

Last night I went to a AA Trenton Thunder game, and the girl at the snack bar saw the little Green Lantern pin on my hoodie. She asked, "can I ask what that is, 'cause I saw a guy with that on his shirt". I told her it was GL, from comic books and 'like Superman or Batman'. She said, oh, I was just wondering if I was missing out on something. Like it was some underground movement or cult. Which can be true..

The man-robot [in a high tech brothel] in Y: The Last Man 44 says a few phrases in between Yorick and 355's quips.
Would you like to hold me?
Please, tell me about your day.
Yes, you are very beautiful when you cry.

If you follow Y, you'll remember that Yorick was talking to Beth in the library, upset because his roommate had blown her off. When she started to cry, Yorick told her 'she looked beautiful when she cried'. I liked this tie in for those-in-the-know. They are still on the trail of monkey Ampersand, who has fallen into a vacant pop star named Epiphany's hands.

Three girls in four years is hardly an obsene tally for the last player on Earth.

Massimo Carnivale's cover on this issue is particularly beautiful, with the Japanese influence juxtaposed with the modern.

Girls 12
I completely laughed out loud a few times reading this issue. The women confront the men- even the ones who love their wives and are good neighbors- who ask if they 'honestly think' any of the men would have sex with the girls now...

Did you honestly think Ethan could be such a prick and a pervert? Did you honestly think Lester could have an orgy with those killers? So, who's gonna surprise us next?

No one is making any more of those monsters! Wake up! We saw the eggs!

They will change you, or bring out the worst in you.

2 of Kirkman's series ended recently Marvel Zombies 5, and Marvel Teamup 18.

Tuesday, April 18

Frank n'furters in comics

We have a patron, known sex offender/ predator of young boys, and his name is Frank.
He tries to talk to all the young male patrons, and the adults remember him walking around - with a bible- to lure his prey in their neighborhoods.
Anyway, it made me think of the other sexually bent Franks in the comicsphere.

Frank Cho [born Duk Hyan Cho, earned a nursing degree in 1996]
see Zombie King, Liberty Meadows

Frank Miller [also the name of the villian in High Noon]

I won't put Frank Quitely [born Vincent Deighan] this category, but his American Virgin and Bite Club covers are very sexual, obviously. He's Scottish, cute and talented, so he's golden to me.

In libraryland, a CA public library pulls Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. Our system owns this title, but not my branch. Nice quote from the collection development librarian here, after the 16 year olds mother was "horrified" by the title:
County library collection development coordinator Nannette Bricker-Barrett, said,
"It is the parents' responsibility since the library does not act as a parent. It is the library's responsibility to offer a broad spectrum of materials, not to exclude materials… Library policy affirms the American Library Association's Library Bill of rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View statements."

Monday, April 17

Worry is the cost of having people you love

Can't wait for Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit.
More sex, violence, and revenge written by Chaykin with those hot Quitely covers!
My Vertigo list now includes: Y, DMZ, Loveless, American Virgin, and haven't yet tried Testament 1. Even librarians like mature content.

JLA: Classified 17,19
Gail Simone, art Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Somehow missed 18! I like Simone's smart and well paced story of General Dvory Tuzik, murderer, torturer, abuser of women vs. the JLA. The team of Hypotheticals, believing they are heroes are set in motion.
The virus is let loose - "children will be the first to go. And soon."

Green Lantern: People think we are carriers!

Wonder Woman: I know Superman means it. His optimism is what most affects the people that know him. The amazons are healers, but we're also warriors. We measure life in pramatic terms.

Flash: The thing inside me was like swallowing concentrated hate.

The artwork on Starro, while trying to communicate with it, is something to see.

Next: how the man-robot in Y says all the right things.

Saturday, April 15

Easter rising

Last year at Easter Sunday, I was in Dublin at the Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) with L. It was a very important day to be there, since 14 leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916 were executed there.

Yesterday, C and I saw Sweeney Todd on Broadway. [the demon barber of Fleet Street!]. Amazing cast of 11 performs the whole show, plus is the onstage orchestra, and only has 1 set. Michael Cerveris ( last year in Assassins and guitarist who toured with Bob Mould and Teenage Fanclub) and Patti Lupone (Evita, Life Goes On) were excellent.

Train rides to the city are made better by reading comics!

I read Infinite Crisis 6, American Virgin 2, and
Marvel Romance Redux- Restraining orders are for other girls.
People, pick this up-- old romance stories with updated words. Many create subversive text for the female leads- so instead of crying over boys, they are stalker-killers, co-ed undercover agents. The contrast of saying "Drop dead mom!" with a "I knew I overpaid for her on the black market!" with those old panels is just perfect satire.

The first story "Too smart to date" has Doris turning to comic books to make her dumb enough to get boys to like her..
"Having read many studies suggesting a link between comic books and mental retardation, Doris decided that these four-color fantasies might be just the kind of non-invasive lobotomy she was desperately seeking!"

Eventually, she meets a fanboy, who tells her "you remind me of my favorite comic book heroine...The Wasp!". Agreeing to act out his fantasy, she finds her perfect man! [maybe she can get him to dress as Nightwing, or Aquaman!]

A quick trip in Midtown Comics scored me DMZ2, and a Tshirt.

Friday, April 14

Brringg! Wall Street Journal calling.

Show my motto!

I checked my cell messages as I was walking into work at my library. A reporter for the Wall Street Journal was writing about comics and advertising, and thought I'd be a good person to talk to (score!). As I juggled my stuff, I deleted the message. But, that's what missed calls is for right? Anyway, I had to use my librarian skills to find the news desk #-- and called the 212 New York number. A very New York lady answered, and directed my call to the reporter.

I usually get asked about how women are portrayed in comics, what it's like to be a girl in the comic I was ready to talk about comic ads in that context.

But the story was on Product Placement in Comics. I asked if this was related to any specific title, but he said, not yet. My jill-on-the-spot comments were essentially that I don't really like wink-wink drink sprite overarching stuff, but I can imagine in a comic if a teen was using an Ipod, the brand name would make sense. And it is about the strength of the art and writing as always.

Not sure if they will even use my quotes, but fingers crossed I might make a national paper!

Wednesday, April 12

New Jersey, Inland and the Free States

Drove to Comic Lair, but missed it being open. Boo hoo, I'll have to talk about an older comic.

DMZ #1, January 2006

I'm still working on getting to some comics I missed from Vertigo that the NYcomicon turned me on to. So I've read Loveless 1, now DMZ, and still have Testament in the wings.

Manhattan Island has become the DMZ between Brooklyn/ US and New Jersey, Inland and the Free States. Five years of civil war have turned it into the "beleaguered island of Manhattan- faced with the realities of the war zone they live in: looters, roving gangs of neighborhood militia, insurgents, car bombers, contract killers...this is daily life in the city."

I enjoyed the art and story here... Brian Wood weaves a great set up of a photo intern, Matthew Roth, being dropped into the DMZ. Wood and Riccardo Burchielli's art, of military copters, burned out city life were interesting and well paced. The comic only started in '06, and I plan on catching up to DMZ 6 out this week.

Tuesday, April 11

11 comics pages, 13 words

Comics with mom!
My belated thoughts on titles from a few weeks ago..

Batman 1 yr later

Robinson, Kramer, Champagne

Where was Batman then? After a year of speculation as to the cause of his disappearance, Batman has returned.

Pamela Isly- our favorite redhead villian Poison Ivy- has taken CEO's hostage. I think her hair is too golden, not red enough, but the facial expressions and headshots by Don Kramer are well done. Dark panels that of twisted metal and debris set the mood as Bats and Robin storm the building.

I hope the writer wasn't being paid by the word...because besides some BAKOOM! and SKKKRRK! nonsense words, in 11 pages there are only 13 words! The art can tell the story, but that's just too much. It's like 'stretching' the plot.

The dialogue between Bats and Pamela includes the typical exchanges of 'I thought I just killed you' 'It wouldn't be the first time'. I do enjoy the corporate villany plot and the environmental message.

"These businesses are destroying the planet-- and all for more of the thing they have too much of to begin with. Money."

Thing 4 and 5 /She Hulk 6
We love Dan Slott! Have you heard this new spat about The Hulk with Bendis and Slott? Slott says Hulk has never killed an innocent/ Bendis had some other opinion. But the writers say they like each other.

The Thing-- 4 and 5
Who does Ben pine for..."Alicia- how you were the best thing to ever happen to me...and somehow I let you slip away". Of course he misses his blue eyed redhead!

Issue 4 is just a great man and his dog issue with The Thing and Lockjaw. After dating hot actresses and being the man about town, Ben goes back to Yancy Street and what is real.
"A man ought to be worth more than his money"

And a final page visit from...The Sandman!

She-Hulk 6
"Beaus and Eros". She-Hulks law partner and roommate Pugs is secretly in love with her. He know her favorite movie is Pretty in Pink (Why does Andie chose Blane over Duckie?)and favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia. Of course, flyboy hottie John Jamison swoops in just as Pugs works his way up to confessing this to her.

Jennifer's newest case: Starfox- Eros of Titan (See Horn's cheesecake cover for the Shatner Captain Kirk type,) is accused of sexual assault. He is known for his conquests throughout the galaxy [space bimbos, space virgins and some space farmers daughters] and claims "she wanted it". Jennifer tries to keep a muzzle on her client, as a big computer head representing comes from to say there is no case against him.

Monday, April 10

My 30 seconds of videocast fame

Variant Edition episode 7 Interviews from the MidJersey Comicon with Mike Oeming, Mike Hawthorne and Brian Quinn. I even pop on camera for a short promo of the con-- I don't sound too dorky and don't look too awful though it was the end of a long day. Thx to Kevin, Mike and Ricky.

A new book I picked up at the library. I shook my finger at my two baby boomer coworkers.
Generation Debt: Why now is a terrible time to be young
by Anya Kamenetz

So when twenty-four-year-old Anya Kamenetz started out as a journalist, she began asking hard questions about her generation for which no one seemed to have good answers. Why were college students nationwide graduating with an average of more than $20,000 in student loans? Why were her friends thousands of dollars in credit-card debt? Why did so many jobs for people under thirty-five involve a plastic name badge, last only for the short-term, and not include benefits? With record deficits and threats to Social Security, what kind of future was shaping up for the nation's kids?

Friday, April 7

Knock Knock..

Who's there?
Eisenhower who?
Teacher's mad 'cause Eisenhower late for class.

This is the closest to an Eisner joke I could come up with!

Master Nominee List-- 2006 Eisner Awards

How can I read comics nearly every day, get graphic novels for the library, and still be ignorant of the majority of the Eisner nominees? I find it understandable in literature, when I haven't read the Booker or Pulitzer nominees. It's a good thing that there are more comics than I can possible sink my teeth into, but I have little commentary here. Except to say that the nominations are heavy Brian K. Vaughan for Ex Machina and Y-- and Warren Ellis for Fell and Desolation Jones. And I can get behind that.

Want a dark movie that doesn't lay out the whole plot in minute one?
The Machinist starring Christian Bale as a very skinny machinist, natch, losing his grip on reality? or is it?

Not above the influence

Yea to Ragnell-well, Star Sapphire- who added one of my redhead posts to the Carnival of Feminists XII. In a feminist carnival, I think I would be a popcorn seller.

Does anyone else find those full page ads in comics for the Above the know, the anti-peer pressure ads...completely irritating? I don't know which I hate more--- the two face boy, the long arm girl, or the squished face girl. If the point was to draw my eye, they have, but they are so prevalent it's annoying. Do the publishers put these in for free as a public service or is the National Drug Control policy group wasting American tax dollars?

written by Benjamin Raab

This is a great series, says me, Geoff Johns, Brad Meltzer, and a bunch of other comic sites. The concept is that a bunch of superheroes are living in witness protection in a little town. Chris Bachalo is the cover artist...the characters inserted as an action homage to the Rio Bravo poster. The high concept covers for this series are great alone. The characters are interesting. My only problem is I missed issue 2 due to a messed up shipment and it's been a while to keep them straight.

Funny lines like:
Rhonda: For all I know, I'm Tom's love child or something and all of a sudden it's Flowers in the Attic
[a book I was obsessed with in my preteen years]

Rizzo:Someone fucks with my head, theirs is going to get blown off. That's the Jersey way, MF.

Or serious lines:
In my experience, trust is the most fragile thing in the world. More fragile than glass. Once it's's broken forever.

Thursday, April 6

We will be invincible

[We can’t afford to be innocent
Stand up and face the enemy
It’s a do or die situation
We will be invincible]

I know there are at least 2
Invincible fans that read my blog sometimes-- did you read #30? Last night I read it, and got to the Penvincipals-- Kirkman's letter page..and there was my letter in print! Kirkman had a letter in The Walking Dead about how it couldn't be a girl writing, because girls don't read WD and Invincible...

"Hey Kirky! I have become a huge fan of your writing this year, with both The Walking Dead and Invincible. Despite your disbelief, I wanted to show you that there are indeed fanGIRLS who read both."
I then wrote about how I'd like to make an Atom Eve costume and liking the
Spidey/Invincible teamup.

"Anyway, Ryan Ottley's pencils and inking on #27 just jumped off the page, and Crabtree's coloring really sets us up for emotional scene changes. Rus, your Omnipotus letters hit the mark!

So Kirkman, please tell me if you are going to be at an East Coast signing soon?

He said no signings this year other than San Diego. I'm too busy to travel. Probably 2007 though...If I'm not washed up by then. [K is not very effusive on his letter pages, but at least he keeps up the grand tradition of the letters page]

Kirkman and the Luna Brothers-- this letter thing is addicting--what letter column should I try for next?

Wednesday, April 5

Geek instinct

Blue Beetle
Giffen Rogers Hamner
[like the New Order reference in the Blue Monday title]

"Oh God. That's the crazy one, the crazy Green Lantern. He's gonna kill me!"
"I will kill you!"
The dialogue and art is good at showing a teen boy confused and scared by his role as the Blue Beetle. Jaime is a normal teen, wanted to work and having parental pressure, hanging with his friends Paco- dumb sidekick type- and Brenda- redhead ambitious type. I liked it.

"maybe it's instinct. Geek instinct."

"I went to outer space and helped them...but now the superheroes hate me"

Nextwave 3
Sink City's Officer Mangel is one week from retirement (we know how that never works out for cops from the movies) attacked by a cat with a spongy green head with spikes, he gets huge and nuts. Bloodstone (long red ponytail) chases him all over town, blows up lots of things--

"You are going home in the back of an ambulance."

A funny sign, when the Officer is looking for food, by a school. The sign says:
Sink City very small school with lovely children inside

a comic single about 5 pirate super heroes twisting the nipple of the military industrial complex. Not in love with this series, but I do smile and think Ellis is a crazed Englishman.

Tuesday, April 4

The fantasy thing

[found this when following a funny referral to my blog-- 'why am i attracted to redheads?']

#99 Alias 10 and #3 The Killing Joke - Jokers assault on my beloved Batgirl

Sean McKeever continues his teen drama spiced comic.
MJ was asked on a date by Spidey in 3, and now faces the conflict of hurting Peter Parker.

What happens when the fantasy's no longer a fantasy?
[it's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing. sometimes a fantasy, is all you need]

He ran off?
He's just gotta understand, Liz.
So it was tough love?
Maybe that's not the kind of love he needs from you.

MJ answers the door for her date with Spidey, only to see Peter Parker there with flowers.
"Don't go out with him. Go out with me."

Best teaser I've seen recently: Walking Dead 27 Next Issue: Things get worse

Sunday, April 2

do it yourself pile driver?

The best of the March referrals- passing from water sign Pisces into fire sign Aries. Interestingly, the number one image search is for "Dan Slott"- I have a photo with him from my first comicon.

comic book pictures of pregnant people
wizard world batgirl
convention confessional
jimmy snuka theme song
redhead braces
ego and hubris Harvey Pekar
astro city hanged man
do it yourself pile driver
oracle barbara gordon toes
hair fetish
superboy love batgirl
watson parker
natural redheads freckles
arthur curry
emotionally unhousebroken meaning
underoos supergirl

Top Keywords for the month of March
341 16.48% redhead
107 5.17% red
81 3.91% head
70 3.38% fangirl
58 2.80% slott
55 2.66% dan
44 2.13% sex
39 1.88% sexy
33 1.59% girl
32 1.55% girls
29 1.40% porn
29 1.40% comic
20 0.97% mary
19 0.92% jane

Saturday, April 1

Nothing left but revenge

Comic Blog Legion Stop by and find blogs that are witty, odd, and full of comic opinions. I'm adding blogs all the time! And tell me blogs I'm missing...any on your blogroll that should join the CBLegion?

Hawkgirl 50 The Dead of Night
Chris has this funny observation: The problem here is Howard Chaykin, who apparently cannot conceive of a human face that doesn't have its teeth clenched. Seriously, every face in this comic makes the characters look like they're passing a kidney stone.

I've liked Chaykin on Bite Club, but here...and why does Kendra wear a black lace top, 4 inch heels, and hot pants to her archeology job at the museum? That is not dress code! But then she spouts things like "archeology benefits from the fine art of cross-discipline investigation". Sure you get taken much less seriously in leather. And in her Hawkgirl outfit, her nips are very distracting to me. Otherwise, an OK set up to a museum investigation {but she actually says "Hello? Is somebody there?"}...that leads to death in horror movies, duh!

JSA 10 One Year Later
"Mankind owes a lot to filthy things. As for me, I owe them my life. I have lived for 37,000 seasons, and this past year was by far the worst. "
I liked this Stuart Moore story, despite the missing JSA for it being, well, a JSA book. Vandal Savage is back on Earth, and with the damage to his organ banks, his immortality may be running out. There are flashbacks to Sumeria, Rome, and Northern Europe-- "empires, they have a way of falling.". He visits his daughter, Scandal, "you treasure me? You treasure my internal organs!". With "nothing left then. Nothing but revenge. My oldest foe, Green Lantern."

Superman/Batman 24
I was much confused here. The cover is striking-- especially the Batgirl, who turns out to be Batwoman-- Helena the Huntress in this world, with identical DNA to Bats. No wonder he thought "Whatever is going on here, she is very good at this." Funny Joker dialogue-- writers must love writing him- and also from Bizarro and Batzarro-- the World's worst detective. The Joker is in league with the Maximums.
'What have you done Joker?' "It seems fairly obvious, batboob"
So the cover is Superwoman, Superlad (didn't know these 2 exisited!), and Batwoman. A circus of characters I am just unfamiliar with. But I still liked the story.