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Friday, April 7

Not above the influence

Yea to Ragnell-well, Star Sapphire- who added one of my redhead posts to the Carnival of Feminists XII. In a feminist carnival, I think I would be a popcorn seller.

Does anyone else find those full page ads in comics for the Above the know, the anti-peer pressure ads...completely irritating? I don't know which I hate more--- the two face boy, the long arm girl, or the squished face girl. If the point was to draw my eye, they have, but they are so prevalent it's annoying. Do the publishers put these in for free as a public service or is the National Drug Control policy group wasting American tax dollars?

written by Benjamin Raab

This is a great series, says me, Geoff Johns, Brad Meltzer, and a bunch of other comic sites. The concept is that a bunch of superheroes are living in witness protection in a little town. Chris Bachalo is the cover artist...the characters inserted as an action homage to the Rio Bravo poster. The high concept covers for this series are great alone. The characters are interesting. My only problem is I missed issue 2 due to a messed up shipment and it's been a while to keep them straight.

Funny lines like:
Rhonda: For all I know, I'm Tom's love child or something and all of a sudden it's Flowers in the Attic
[a book I was obsessed with in my preteen years]

Rizzo:Someone fucks with my head, theirs is going to get blown off. That's the Jersey way, MF.

Or serious lines:
In my experience, trust is the most fragile thing in the world. More fragile than glass. Once it's's broken forever.


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