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Tuesday, April 18

Frank n'furters in comics

We have a patron, known sex offender/ predator of young boys, and his name is Frank.
He tries to talk to all the young male patrons, and the adults remember him walking around - with a bible- to lure his prey in their neighborhoods.
Anyway, it made me think of the other sexually bent Franks in the comicsphere.

Frank Cho [born Duk Hyan Cho, earned a nursing degree in 1996]
see Zombie King, Liberty Meadows

Frank Miller [also the name of the villian in High Noon]

I won't put Frank Quitely [born Vincent Deighan] this category, but his American Virgin and Bite Club covers are very sexual, obviously. He's Scottish, cute and talented, so he's golden to me.

In libraryland, a CA public library pulls Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics. Our system owns this title, but not my branch. Nice quote from the collection development librarian here, after the 16 year olds mother was "horrified" by the title:
County library collection development coordinator Nannette Bricker-Barrett, said,
"It is the parents' responsibility since the library does not act as a parent. It is the library's responsibility to offer a broad spectrum of materials, not to exclude materials… Library policy affirms the American Library Association's Library Bill of rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View statements."


At 2:43 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, everyone called Frank is a pervert, especially my mate Frank, the mobile library driver. Quitely's excuse is that his first name's really Vince. He's only pretending to be a Frank.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger redlib said...

A perverted bookmobile driver? That sounds really twisted! Hope he hides it from the kiddies!
I'm sure he'd be proud his rep has spread to America.


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