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Friday, April 21

Brains! for the redheaded zombie

MidJersey Comicon has set it's August date: Saturday, August 12th at the Ramada Inn. Since our old meeting space is being turned into a Dunkin' Donuts (no lie), we are moving down the road. It's more space, of course more expensive, but many of our dealer friends are committing to the show now.

I love the comics contacts I've made as the Redhead Fangirl.
NJ Order, Star Wars Fan Force will be doing a program at my library in June. We've asked people to bring their cameras, because several will be in costume, including my friend RJ. They will bring lots of Star Wars stuff (maybe an interactive R2?) and then we'll show one of the Star Wars films. That is cool.

Chuck Satterlee at Markosia is going to do a "Creating Comics" workshop for us in August. I'm so jazzed about the program- and the fact that after the kids- well, 5th grade to high school- create their character; he has an real comic artist draw the character and he mails it to them. Wouldn't you just be beside yourself to get that as a kid?

Chuck is the writer on Smoke and Mirrors, Of Bitter Souls, new writer on The Lexian Chronicles. He let me in on big super-secret new project, and a damn huge one in scope, that he will be writing (some clues on his myspace page).

AND- in the next Of Bitter Souls comic,
Norm Breyfogle has added me to the 2 page Bourbon Street zombie scene! It's so thrilling to be in a comic (the scene includes Chuck, his wife, son, the artist, lots of industry folks). As a redhead zombie! It's too good.

Comment soon on Aquaman 41, Book of Lost Souls 6, Moon Knight, Bite Club: VCU.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Rae said...

How cool!!! You're so famous!

What is it about the northeast and Dunkin Donuts? I can only think of one or two in the whole state here, but they were on every corner in Connecticut and Mass when we visited there a few years ago!

At 11:23 AM, Blogger ShoreTurtle said...

I'm looking forward to the next Mid Jersey Comicon!

I want the Fan Force to bring their E-web Cannon.


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