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Saturday, April 15

Easter rising

Last year at Easter Sunday, I was in Dublin at the Kilmainham Gaol (Jail) with L. It was a very important day to be there, since 14 leaders of the Easter Rising in 1916 were executed there.

Yesterday, C and I saw Sweeney Todd on Broadway. [the demon barber of Fleet Street!]. Amazing cast of 11 performs the whole show, plus is the onstage orchestra, and only has 1 set. Michael Cerveris ( last year in Assassins and guitarist who toured with Bob Mould and Teenage Fanclub) and Patti Lupone (Evita, Life Goes On) were excellent.

Train rides to the city are made better by reading comics!

I read Infinite Crisis 6, American Virgin 2, and
Marvel Romance Redux- Restraining orders are for other girls.
People, pick this up-- old romance stories with updated words. Many create subversive text for the female leads- so instead of crying over boys, they are stalker-killers, co-ed undercover agents. The contrast of saying "Drop dead mom!" with a "I knew I overpaid for her on the black market!" with those old panels is just perfect satire.

The first story "Too smart to date" has Doris turning to comic books to make her dumb enough to get boys to like her..
"Having read many studies suggesting a link between comic books and mental retardation, Doris decided that these four-color fantasies might be just the kind of non-invasive lobotomy she was desperately seeking!"

Eventually, she meets a fanboy, who tells her "you remind me of my favorite comic book heroine...The Wasp!". Agreeing to act out his fantasy, she finds her perfect man! [maybe she can get him to dress as Nightwing, or Aquaman!]

A quick trip in Midtown Comics scored me DMZ2, and a Tshirt.


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