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Saturday, April 1

Nothing left but revenge

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Hawkgirl 50 The Dead of Night
Chris has this funny observation: The problem here is Howard Chaykin, who apparently cannot conceive of a human face that doesn't have its teeth clenched. Seriously, every face in this comic makes the characters look like they're passing a kidney stone.

I've liked Chaykin on Bite Club, but here...and why does Kendra wear a black lace top, 4 inch heels, and hot pants to her archeology job at the museum? That is not dress code! But then she spouts things like "archeology benefits from the fine art of cross-discipline investigation". Sure you get taken much less seriously in leather. And in her Hawkgirl outfit, her nips are very distracting to me. Otherwise, an OK set up to a museum investigation {but she actually says "Hello? Is somebody there?"}...that leads to death in horror movies, duh!

JSA 10 One Year Later
"Mankind owes a lot to filthy things. As for me, I owe them my life. I have lived for 37,000 seasons, and this past year was by far the worst. "
I liked this Stuart Moore story, despite the missing JSA for it being, well, a JSA book. Vandal Savage is back on Earth, and with the damage to his organ banks, his immortality may be running out. There are flashbacks to Sumeria, Rome, and Northern Europe-- "empires, they have a way of falling.". He visits his daughter, Scandal, "you treasure me? You treasure my internal organs!". With "nothing left then. Nothing but revenge. My oldest foe, Green Lantern."

Superman/Batman 24
I was much confused here. The cover is striking-- especially the Batgirl, who turns out to be Batwoman-- Helena the Huntress in this world, with identical DNA to Bats. No wonder he thought "Whatever is going on here, she is very good at this." Funny Joker dialogue-- writers must love writing him- and also from Bizarro and Batzarro-- the World's worst detective. The Joker is in league with the Maximums.
'What have you done Joker?' "It seems fairly obvious, batboob"
So the cover is Superwoman, Superlad (didn't know these 2 exisited!), and Batwoman. A circus of characters I am just unfamiliar with. But I still liked the story.


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Please, trawl eBay or the back issue bins, but find as much old AMERICAN FLAGGs (and his other work for First) as you can and discover why old farts like me hold Howard Chaykin in such high regard. He mightn't be a feminist, but he's a damned fine, and prescient, storyteller.


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