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Wednesday, April 5

Geek instinct

Blue Beetle
Giffen Rogers Hamner
[like the New Order reference in the Blue Monday title]

"Oh God. That's the crazy one, the crazy Green Lantern. He's gonna kill me!"
"I will kill you!"
The dialogue and art is good at showing a teen boy confused and scared by his role as the Blue Beetle. Jaime is a normal teen, wanted to work and having parental pressure, hanging with his friends Paco- dumb sidekick type- and Brenda- redhead ambitious type. I liked it.

"maybe it's instinct. Geek instinct."

"I went to outer space and helped them...but now the superheroes hate me"

Nextwave 3
Sink City's Officer Mangel is one week from retirement (we know how that never works out for cops from the movies) attacked by a cat with a spongy green head with spikes, he gets huge and nuts. Bloodstone (long red ponytail) chases him all over town, blows up lots of things--

"You are going home in the back of an ambulance."

A funny sign, when the Officer is looking for food, by a school. The sign says:
Sink City very small school with lovely children inside

a comic single about 5 pirate super heroes twisting the nipple of the military industrial complex. Not in love with this series, but I do smile and think Ellis is a crazed Englishman.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Mark said...

"You are going home in the back of an ambulance" - traditional chant of Football hooligans here in the U.K.

What I dig most about NEXTWAVE is it is very calculatedly not like anything else at Marvel. Ellis is great at steering the zeitgeist rather than following it. It's like he's sat back and watched the Big Two nick from Stormwatch/The Authority for a few years, then rolled up his sleeves, sat down at the laptop and came up with something as far away in tone as he possibly could.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Thanks - I guess that cheer is like na, na, na, na, na,na, goodbye here.

Ellis is his own man, fo' shur.


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