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Tuesday, April 4

The fantasy thing

[found this when following a funny referral to my blog-- 'why am i attracted to redheads?']

#99 Alias 10 and #3 The Killing Joke - Jokers assault on my beloved Batgirl

Sean McKeever continues his teen drama spiced comic.
MJ was asked on a date by Spidey in 3, and now faces the conflict of hurting Peter Parker.

What happens when the fantasy's no longer a fantasy?
[it's just a fantasy, it's not the real thing. sometimes a fantasy, is all you need]

He ran off?
He's just gotta understand, Liz.
So it was tough love?
Maybe that's not the kind of love he needs from you.

MJ answers the door for her date with Spidey, only to see Peter Parker there with flowers.
"Don't go out with him. Go out with me."

Best teaser I've seen recently: Walking Dead 27 Next Issue: Things get worse


At 12:40 PM, Blogger Jer-EL78 said...

I have alway loved red heads...
my first love was a red head, must be the Irish in me....

Had a huge crush on Lana Lang when Superboy the series was on durring the 90s...

O well


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