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Monday, April 17

Worry is the cost of having people you love

Can't wait for Bite Club: Vampire Crimes Unit.
More sex, violence, and revenge written by Chaykin with those hot Quitely covers!
My Vertigo list now includes: Y, DMZ, Loveless, American Virgin, and haven't yet tried Testament 1. Even librarians like mature content.

JLA: Classified 17,19
Gail Simone, art Jose Luis Garcia Lopez
Somehow missed 18! I like Simone's smart and well paced story of General Dvory Tuzik, murderer, torturer, abuser of women vs. the JLA. The team of Hypotheticals, believing they are heroes are set in motion.
The virus is let loose - "children will be the first to go. And soon."

Green Lantern: People think we are carriers!

Wonder Woman: I know Superman means it. His optimism is what most affects the people that know him. The amazons are healers, but we're also warriors. We measure life in pramatic terms.

Flash: The thing inside me was like swallowing concentrated hate.

The artwork on Starro, while trying to communicate with it, is something to see.

Next: how the man-robot in Y says all the right things.


At 4:10 AM, Blogger Mark said...

I've been waiting for the trade on TESTAMENT myself, but I've enjoyed the preview pages and Liam's covers, and it's gotten universally great reviews, so I'm expecting good things.

You seen the story about the library in California getting heat over a kid taking out a non-fiction guide to manga? Scary stuff.


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