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Wednesday, April 19

Please, tell me about your day

Last night I went to a AA Trenton Thunder game, and the girl at the snack bar saw the little Green Lantern pin on my hoodie. She asked, "can I ask what that is, 'cause I saw a guy with that on his shirt". I told her it was GL, from comic books and 'like Superman or Batman'. She said, oh, I was just wondering if I was missing out on something. Like it was some underground movement or cult. Which can be true..

The man-robot [in a high tech brothel] in Y: The Last Man 44 says a few phrases in between Yorick and 355's quips.
Would you like to hold me?
Please, tell me about your day.
Yes, you are very beautiful when you cry.

If you follow Y, you'll remember that Yorick was talking to Beth in the library, upset because his roommate had blown her off. When she started to cry, Yorick told her 'she looked beautiful when she cried'. I liked this tie in for those-in-the-know. They are still on the trail of monkey Ampersand, who has fallen into a vacant pop star named Epiphany's hands.

Three girls in four years is hardly an obsene tally for the last player on Earth.

Massimo Carnivale's cover on this issue is particularly beautiful, with the Japanese influence juxtaposed with the modern.

Girls 12
I completely laughed out loud a few times reading this issue. The women confront the men- even the ones who love their wives and are good neighbors- who ask if they 'honestly think' any of the men would have sex with the girls now...

Did you honestly think Ethan could be such a prick and a pervert? Did you honestly think Lester could have an orgy with those killers? So, who's gonna surprise us next?

No one is making any more of those monsters! Wake up! We saw the eggs!

They will change you, or bring out the worst in you.

2 of Kirkman's series ended recently Marvel Zombies 5, and Marvel Teamup 18.


At 12:41 PM, Anonymous randy said...

Marvel Team-Up hasn't ended. #19 just came out two weeks ago.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger redlib said...

I guess I meant that arc..because I see MTU19 starts with Wolverine and Cable in 1991.
Keep up the good work over on 2guys

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous randy said...

Sorry, Red. I hate to have to correct you again, but I'm not the Randy you're thinking of.

At 8:12 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Man, I'm a complete goob here. Hi Randy- not from 2 Guys!


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