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Friday, March 31

Action adventure redheads

More from The Roots of Desire book, biased but about redheads, so...

Herve St. Louis: It's called sequential art, not comics; second, there are rules; and third one of those rules is that all the kick-ass girls are redheads.

"All the action adventure girls have red hair. Whenever it is an independent girl, not a sidekick person, when she has her own mind, or does as good as the guys, she has red hair."

"Blondes are the girlfriend, brunettes the femme fatale, the heroine, she's a redhead. " (ex:Josie and the Pussycats, Pippi Longstocking, Brenda Starr, Ariel, Jessica Rabbit)

  • Anyone reading Loveless by Azzarello? After the Vertigo panel at the NYcomicon, Azzarello got me interested.
  • Read Starship Troopers, from Markosia. Very popular indie comic.

Thursday, March 30

3 inked ladies

Neil Vokes inkwash. Neil has been our guest at 2 comicons, and he is a great artist and all around groovy fun guy.

Very interested to see the interviews with Mike Oeming, Mike Hawthorne and Brian Quinn on Variant Edition this week. Last week, they mentioned the con, saying we treated them well--
" It was one of the smaller cons we've been to" but "Nice line up of guests and artists, dealers good buys, and you have time to talk to the artists without 80 people around you that stink" "so you mean it wasn't the NY comicon?"

Wednesday, March 29

KittyCats, Girl Trouble

Catwoman 53 Will Pfieffers blog
As heavily predicted, Catwoman, Selina Kyle, gave birth in the One Year Later issue of Catwoman. Her little kitten is a girl named Helena. Bats stops by with an offer of any college tuition, and a bear. Some of the dialogue is 'we need to talk', leaving us with the impression that Bats is daddy or it's a red herring. I've never been a Catwoman fan, but Pfieffer in this series has been very interesting as Selina deals with life changes from mind wipes, identity, and becoming a mom. Oh, and there is a new Catwoman on the Gotham scene.

Walking Dead 26
Kirkman keeps this series character driven, with less fighting roamers (zombies) but a strong unfolding mystery of a helicopter spotted in the last issue.

Is that a military helicopter?
Rick, Glenn and Michonne- with sword- head out to find the crashed helicopter.

Rick:So what exactly did you do before? I never thought there was a lot of money in being a ninja.
Michonne:I was a lawyer.

Lori gets an interesting proposal from Carol.
Carol: I want to marry you. Not just you. You and Rick. We could all be happy together.

Girls 11
The Luna Brothers continue to intrigue me in Girls. The girls have multiplied, the town is covered in an inescapable bubble, and now they are attacking the house. It goes without saying there will be a cliffhanger at the end of each issue, always leaving me with that great "I wonder where this is going?" question.

As the naked girls trample and attack the house- and the women- the fight to survive continues.
"You'd think a stampede of naked chicks would be a good thing!"
God, there were so many!

Ma's not dead! We buried her right here!"

Bitter Souls redeemed

Did you miss out last year on reading "Of Bitter Souls"- the trade is out!
Last year I was sucked into the first couple issues, set in New Orleans and explores the gothic horror element of the city AND adds a superhero team of 4 flawed souls led by a preacher to fight the darker forces. It's the rare supernatural/superhero tale that really works, on the strength of Chuck Satterlee's engaging writing. The art is exquisite by Norm Breyfoyle, with ink and color to bring you to the streets of New Orleans.

Of Bitter Souls
The Trade Paperback

Collecting the first three published issues and the next three previously unpublished issues of the acclaimed mini-series, OF BITTER SOULS, this trade paperback is 186 pages in length and retails for $18.99.

With art by industry legend, Norm Breyfogle (Batman, Detective, Prime) and writing by up and comer Chuck Satterlee, Of Bitter Souls has received critical acclaim.

The Trade Paperback features an introduction by Mark Waid and pin-ups by pros such as Mike Oeming and Dick Giordano as well as fan art, sketches and more.

Tuesday, March 28

Redophiles and the milkman joke

[Great comments on Ms. Marvel. More soon on Catwoman (with kitten!) Hawkgirl, Mary Jane, more. For now, some redheaded science]

The biochemistry of red hair, discovered only in 1997, appears to be associated with the melanocortin-1 receptor while the red color itself is produced by an iron compound. The MC1R recessive gene which gives people red hair, fair skin and light eyes is also associated with freckles. The inheritence of red hair is close to what geneticists describe as an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. This means that the parents of red-haired children may carry the gene for red hair but not have red hair themselves. It is this aspect of the inheritance of red hair that tends to lead to the various permutations of the milkman joke.

There are some individuals who describe themselves as redophiles. They have a strong love for, and usually are sexually attracted to, redheads. As in any paraphilia, there are varying degrees to which a self-described redophile holds their desire. While some people favor red hair solely for its exotic aesthetic allure, others are more passionate, and insist on lavishing their attention only on natural redheads because they believe that they possess certain desired physical characteristics such as freckles, or pale skin that never tans.

It is often the case that ginger hair darkens or lightens considerably as people get older, becoming brown or blonde, and this phenomenon leads some to associate red hair with youthfulness, a quality that is generally considered to be a desirable characteristic, particularly among women.

In addition to these physical traits, redheads are also often characterised as being more passionate, feisty or adventurous than non-redheads. This also extends to the stereotype that redheads have particularly "fiery" tempers, and are more easily angered than others.

Many painters have exhibited a fascination with red hair. The colour "titian" takes its name from Titian, who often painted women with red hair.

Saturday, March 25

Ms. Marvel, Rated T+ for...

Ms. Marvel is Rated T+. Her T's are plus size no doubt (Frank Cho cover, course). Not sure why I even bought Ms. Marvel #1, although my pile I just picked up includes Girls, SpiderWoman, She-Hulk, Spidey loves Mary Jane, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, and Red Sonja-- spot the theme here?

Ms. Marvel seems to be mostly a stroke material character-- I know people feel she has been underutilized, without her own comic for 20 years. I can get behind the "if I try harder I can be the best/ whatever's going on, it's up to you" motivation...can't help but feel her sentence "I feel like an also ran" sums my feelings for this character. Just by doing things like this, "I accidentally blasted him the crotch. Seven times in the crotch!" , and being an ex-Avenger just doesn't allow me to get past the thigh high boots and bodysuit. Flying and fighting would make that thing ride up on a girl.

Fast acting reviews

Take these reviews like those fast-acting gel caps; limiting my comments to just a few sentences to get the goodness to you- fast.

Invincible 29
Bloody battle scenes with Invincible and his father Nolan after the slaughter of his new planet.
I should not care that they are dead. And yet I care. I am enraged! How can you think it wouldn't be better to nothing at times like these?
Invincible feels he is too slow, and not ready for this battle, but the time has come. "You better get ready"

Fell 4
Detective Fell decides he can not ignore the dead floater in Snowtown. "But there are worse things than floaters" he is told. "3 floaters a week? That's a hundred fifty murders a year we just ignore? We just can't say 'oh, it's Snowtown' all the damn time." Templesmith continues his moody, gritty art of the docks and pubs while Ellis explores a little more of how Fell ended up in Snowtown to begin with.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 5 and 6
5 is a funny standalone of Vanna who delusions lead her to believe Spidey is fighting just for her attention. It's called Weblog, and she blogs her experiences from high school to old age. J. Jonah Jamison exploits her restraining order, given by the court just to make her happy. "Heck, if enough people get restraining orders against that wall-crawling creep, he'd have to leave town for good!" MJ appears to Vanna 40 years later who has "no husband, no children, no friends, no nothing, really" and goes off on her blame of others, and how "others use traumas to propel them to greatness".

Issue 6 reveals the new iron man spidey suit (yuk), and the story pits a Mexican wrestler named El Muerto in a match with Spidey- drawn by the 1 million dollar charity check from J. Jonah "Blasted show-boating, wall-crawling freak". Flash Thompson, now coach at the HS Peter works, doesn't remember him. When shown a pic of MJ, Flash says "who's the babe?" "Mary Jane, my wife" "Good one, almost got me there!". In fear of being unmasked, Spidey - and maybe a new power from the suit- shows an electrical zap against Muerto.

Birds of Prey 92 One Year Later
Lady Shiva- now The Jade Canary- "I find men have few uses, and conversation isn't one of them" Oracle sends the Huntress and Jade Canary to get Matt Thorne, the crime doctor, who is willing to give information about the Society. "Why do they always pray when they see me? I'm here to protect you"
"The information he's willing to could save thousands, maybe millions"
A great new start to the BOP series-- Simone brings it once again.

Thursday, March 23

Odds, ends

R, Michael Avon Oeming (writer/artist of Powers, Ares, more) and RF. This was his hometown show since he grew up in Bordentown, NJ.

My pile of comics is rid-icul-ous to catch up on. Here are some Odds and ends from flyers and peeps at the MidJersey show...

If comic blogs are not enough comic goodness for you, try a comic video podcast!
Met the cool guys (Kevin, Ricky and Mike) from Varient Edition at the show. "Variant Edition is a weekly video podcast, spotlighting comic book news, reviews and culture. " They interviewed several of the artists, and even asked me to get on camera and plug the show. That episode should be up soon - see what nerdgirl I am!

Open Book Press has several comic and graphic novels, including Cry Wolf, set in Chicago 1925, Kurt Angelo private investigator becames the hand of justice for the Ascended Ones.

Cthulhu Sex, issue 23, volume II out. "for connoissaurs of erotic horror"

Writer Peter Dabbene (Hamilton, NJ) is looking for an artist for a sci-fi graphic novel collaboration. He's "published poetry, had plays performed, and published 2 story collections as well as a novel, Mister Dreyfus' demons." Contact if you are interested.

Arthur Curry in a hurry

Aquaman Sword of Atlantis
Written by Kurt Busiek

Guice's artwork is great, coloring excellent. I'm just not sure another Arthur Curry is where I wanted this to go. He's a guy with a scientist father (clearly the most dangerous profession for all children to have parents in) who can breathe underwater.

am interested to see redhead Mera in Issue 2..
Issue #41 part 2 of 6...Mera!
On Sale April 5, 2006

In Part 2 of the 6-part "Once and Future," the new Aquaman begins the hunt for his missing father and fights a savage duel against an Atlantean warrior over his alliance with the much-feared King Shark! Also, the fate of Atlantis is revealed as Aquaman encounters a band of Atlanteans led by Mera!

Librarian Shelly had this post
Aquaman 40 Not much yet to go on. The premise has been established, and I don't know how seriously to take the idea that this Arthur Curry is really Aquaman but out of time? Has time gotten that screwed up in the water realm? I'm intrigued enough to keep reading (I think I'll be saying that a lot, OYL-wise), but I'm reserving judgment til I read more. The art, as expected, is nice, but not as special as I'd hoped for.

Entertainment Weekly
Aquaman #40 Freshly subtitled ''Sword of Atlantis,'' Aquaman gets a clever, if complicated, origin-story reboot courtesy of writer Busiek. A guy named Arthur Curry — Aquaman's original name, but this Curry is utterly unaware of this — is pulled deep down into the ocean by a creepy old guy, the Dweller in the Depths, who tells Curry he has superpowers, a destiny, and a familiar orange-and-green outfit, plus a nice sharp sword. Also featuring a talking shark. Thanks to Busiek's narrative swiftness and artist Butch Guice's realistic way with both action sequences and talking sharks, you buy into this it's-his-destiny saga immediately. A-

The Aquaman Website

Tuesday, March 21

another Redemption song

A History of Violence

The movie has been on my radar for a while. At the NY comicon, I got a 'sample' 'condensed' 1997 version for free, with Viggo's movie photo on the cover. John Wagner is the writer, known for Judge Dredd, and Vincent Locke does the art. The black and white art is very good for character expressions and setting...a simple house or diner that could be in anytown, america. The small size (about 4 by 3 inches) affects the punch of the illustrations, but the story and art intrigued me enough to try and read the whole graphic novel. So the purpose was fulfilled.

Tom Stall had the perfect life...until he became a hero.

The press attention from a diner incident brings several bad mobsters to town, claiming Tom is "Joey". The distinctive lack of a finger on the left hand nearly seals the identity, but there is still some debate among the mobsters if Tom is Joey. Wagner creates good dialogue and characters.
"Long time ago. What if this guy's on the square? You call the shots Johnny-- but let's don't break our balls over this one."

Tom's wife and family are afraid and confused by these encounters.
"My god, all these years and I don't even know you... Who are you, Tom?"

It's another redemption story at heart-- can a lost man be redeemed for past sins? redeemed by love, friendship, making amends, and owning up to regrets?

"It was a lifetime ago. I thought it was all dead and buried."

Blood River, wider than a mile

When you are up at 2 AM on cold night, this horror fantasy GN is the right one to read.

At the MidJersey Comicon, I got to meet Brian Quinn, an illustrator who does a lot for Weird NJ magazine. Weird NJ used to be sort of a zine type small mag, but then it ballooned into books, chain bookstore displays...and branched out to lots of other states. Brian has a very distinct, dark and twisted style-- his illustrations look like the old wood-cuts.

Brian illustrated and
Mike Oeming wrote Blood River. They sat together at the show [and swear, they were having a conversation about the movie Xanadu, and Oeming talked about Skatetown USA, where Patrick Swayze is the villian with rockets in his rollerskates. ]

Brian was nice enough to give me a copy that they both signed. I haven't seen much press on it, so I wanted to highlight it here.

This book is all New Jersey in the 1970s-- getting high in the woods, listening to Led Zeppelin and Ozzy, and having your mother on you for, in Jack's case, his long hair, no job, and choice of loser friends. "Jack, will you talk to me?" she pleads.

A preacher even says "God is everywhere, even in New Jersey"

Jack and Dean head off in the woods with 2 girls, who are spooked by some events and begin to feel the woods are mad at them, and turning evil. They go deeper into the woods following a map they believe leads to a bank robbed $100K. Won't spoil the rest for you. Just read this one.

Do you really think there is something in the woods? Something evil?

Monday, March 20

comic book homework

My good friend M came out to work the admission desk yesterday. Bob from Stormwatch Comics gave her some comics and insisted she write him a 'book report'. She's a non comics reader, but loves Buffy, horror movies, Seth Green, and is a huge Lost fan. I gave her one of the Sin City trades for Xmas, because I think she'd be a great 'fangirl'.

“Astonishing X-Men Issues #1-3” by Whedon and Cassaday

OK, I’ll start off by saying that I was a little lost in the beginning. My knowledge of the X-men is limited to a little pop-culture knowledge and the movies. I’m not really familiar with all the characters in the Astonishing X-men, so I went to the Mavel webpage and Google to do a little research on some of the characters to get up to speed on what’s going on.

Well, besides being a little lost in the beginning, I really enjoyed this book. By the end of Issue 3 I really didn’t want it to end. I like the plot even though I don’t know all the history of the X-men. I’m intrigued with some of the characters that I’ve never seen before, like Kitty, McCoy, and Emma. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Sorry this is short, I wanted to write a long winded review, but I’m a little busy at work right now. It’s taken me all morning to just write these two paragraphs. Thanks for the comic Bob, I really did enjoy it

Sunday, March 19


How I spent my Sunday
...moments and face time with artists, writers, dealers, friends and giving away hourly door prizes....more soon...zzzz....zzz....zz...z

Saturday, March 18

Tomorrow is today's dream

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." Kahlil Gibran

R, C and I spent a few hours arranging tables for tomorrow's MidJersey Comicon. Starting after show #1 last August, there is a lot of work for a 42 table con. But tomorrow I will be in the room with Mike Oeming, Mike Hawthorne, CJ Henderson, Scott Beatty, and many more inkers, writers, artists and comic nuts. As our press has said, it has been years since the central Jersey region has had a regular show-- we always trek to NY or Philly.

Found time to drink a few Irish beers last night, play some air hockey, and watch some of the bball tourney. When this show is put to bed, then there will be more comic reading time for me, I hope. That means more opinions, posts, reviews and news on this blog.

Thursday, March 16

The Great Machine

The Daily Show. It was a cold NY day to wait in line for over 2 hours. The studio has The Daily Show awnings and pictures of the regulars. I read JSA, Rex Libris and most of Ex Machina: Tag trade while waiting. Having soda, reading and the Ipod, it was still a long wait. The warm up guy made us yell a lot, made fun of a few people in the audience. John Stewart only came out for about 5 minutes and answered 3 questions. The show was taped in one shot, so as fast as I can watch it, it was over. Natalie Portman was really little, she looked about 90 pounds. Her interview brought some mild chuckling, but it was rather dull overall. I am glad to say I've seen the studio, and saw it live.

Ex Machina-- BKV interview
As for where I got the idea from, I've always wanted to do a superhero book that wasn't necessarily about superheroes. There are enough postmodern, self-reflexive, deconstructionist comics out there already. I'd rather use superheroes as a parable to explore our world, especially contemporary local politics, which is way more sexy, fast-paced and dangerous than the boring crap that goes on in Washington."

I love Ex Machina[2005 Eisner winner for best new series]. Tony Harris' art, from NY subway scenes to facial closeups, is just so well meshed with Brian K. Vaughan's spot-on story. Mitchell Hundred is an engineer, a well meaning engineer, who develops the ability to interact with machines due to a strange encounter with a glowing green box under the Brooklyn Bridge. The characterization of a humble but smart guy trying to make a difference by running for mayor of NY-- propelling his fame from stopping one of the two planes from crashing into the World Trade Center is so smart and different for comics. Mitchells supporting cast of staffers, Bradbury his bodyguard, NY reporter Suzanne who he has a flirtation add important details. It's about politics, New York, fame, dating, school vouchers, gay marriage, also some violence and death, and an attractive young single mayor.
Now I've read 1-12, and have issue 18- Damn, got to read the rest of this!

Tuesday, March 14

D for Daily

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Daily Show live with C! The guest should be Natalie Portman. OK, I liked her in The Professional, and she's OK in Garden State, but I think her acting was horrid in The Closer and Star Wars Episode III. But since she should be talking about V for Vendetta, I'm down with that.

In EW, I see that one hot blonde actor has been Aquaswapped for another for the Aquaman TV show. Will is out, Justin Hartley in. It says he was on that soap opera Passions, which I only see in funny clips on Best Week Ever. The show title Mercy Reef"sounds more like some teen horror movie.

I read American Virgin today. From the bible belt to the chastity belt..Adam is a charismatic 21 year old virgin. He's held out 21 long years to lose his virginity, which he feels God wants him to do. He's in love with Cassandra, in Africa doing Peace Corp work. His mom and stepdad want to use him for their TV ministry and his pot smoking younger brother resents him. HIs cousins kidnap him and try to get him to lose it with a stripper.
I can't stop looking at the Frank Quitely cover, of a huge tongue with bubbly taste buds, and Adam lying on this oversize tongue in his "Save Yourself". Steven T. Seagle writes the moral and carnal conflict, and Becky Cloonan is the artwork.

Monday, March 13

A Gotham-based villian

Do you ever have those days that are so frustrating you just want to rip your eyeballs out? Or someone else's eyeballs? Fatigue from illness + monster work projects + flipped coworkers = no eyeballs.

Still way behind on comics. Have watched 2 movies-- Red Eye-- Craven keeps up the tension and Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy play their parts well. The Aristocrats-- comics tell the most vulgar and individual joke in comedy. Great to see Larry Miller, Drew Carey, Reiser, Saget, Carlin spin this one.

Anyone following Catwoman these days?
Catwoman 52, written by Will Pfifer, continues as Selina unravels from learning that her personality was altered.

So that's it. I'm all along. It's all up to me. Fine.

Black Mask "We are going to be arch enemies. Old fashioned? Perhaps. Maybe I prefer to think of it as retro."

Black Mask and Catwoman square off and there is a gun...I'll stop there...Next is One Year Later.

Saturday, March 11

Superman always saves Lois Lane

Infinite Crisis 5
Jimenez and art team bring the pain of Supes2 to life. I think there were 3 pencillers and 3 inkers on this, and each one was needed for all the characters, Earths, and multiverse. The lettering and headers are pretty streamlined to help you conclude if you are in Earth one, Earth two, Alex Luthor and the tower of power, or somewhere else completely.

Can I admit to being overwhelmed in the IC multiverse, still after 5 issues? I took to Identity Crisis much easier. Johns has whipped out everyone and their kitchen sinks to play their role. Maybe 20 years from now I'll cheer the reappearance of some long faded minor character. Titles - epics- like this can really scare away the casual fan. I love my superheroes as much as the next girl, but following Y the last man, or Girls, or Bite Club can be so less daunting. Like Supe1 says "I'm not sure what this Earth is"

It's like TV-- I didn't start watching Gilmore Girls until the end of last season. I saw that the dialogue and female characters were great, but just couldn't root for it the same..until now- I can discuss Rory and Logan or Lorelei and Luke and "understand" their motives.

"why Lois Lane? Lois was brutally honest, curious as a cat, and you'd never get the last word in."
"you should have led them to a better tomorrow, made into a perfect world, and you wasted it"
"A perfect world does not need a Superman"

Nightwing acts while the skies fill with parallel Earths. Wonder Woman and Diana Prince have a 'turning point' discussion about who WW is..."The gods are gone. The amazons are gone. You can start by trying not be so perfect. One thing you haven't been for a very long time - is human."

Justice 4
With many of the same DC characters, Justice continues to show the supervillians recruiting people against the JLA, while they work to 'cure ills and humanities sicknesses' JLAers are attacked at every turn.

'The JLA saves us, and sends us back to our old lives. We bring life and bloom to the desert, make the lame walk"

Beautiful Alex Ross art, signature column split pages. or a single page Superman crying out "Help me!". The smaller scale of characters= heroes and villians- makes me understand this series much more.

Friday, March 10

Ego and hubris

Just woke up. Have a mess of comics to read. Next weekend is my MidJersey Comicon, and today I got a big box and poster tube from Sony pictures with Silent Hill promo stuff.
Love free stuff! I've put in about 10,000 hours of work on it along with Bold Venture Press partner R. So if you divide the hotel cost, Wizard ad, flyers, mailings, and our time, we should make about .01 cents. But it's all worth it to see the tables set up and meet comicminded people.
One of the indie creators at MJCC is Rob Reilly, recently getting a Wizard shout out for indy books to watch in '06 !
CONVENTION CONFIDENTIAL Sex, lies and cosplay—that’s what comic conventions are all about! Well, not really, but luckily we really know what goes on in Artist’s Alley, thanks to Rob Reilly and his dirt-dishing, pulls no punches series, Convention Confessional. Largely based on his and fellow cartoonist Steve Walters’ experiences, the book serves as a tome of therapeutic, cautionary and educational tales. “If you're considering a career in comics, here's what you're in for,” says Reilly. “[And] give the small press some respect, they bust their asses without [any] thanks.” Show some respect and pick up Convention Confessional #2 from Skatoon Productions in March.

The best damn North Irish comic blogger, Bad Librarianship, has an interesting link to an article interviewing Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

The class of 2005: a tough year for comics startups .
Speakeasy Comics has shut its doors and will not be publishing comics for, at the very least, the rest of the year.

Reviewing fiction titles to purchase for the library, I saw a Pekar title, not about him!
Ego & Hubris- Harvey Pekar
"Michael Malice's autobiography is a long string of episodes where he is right and everyone else is wrong" "he's in constant contact with people stupider than he.."
Compelling and memorable character.

Thursday, March 9

I, oh, I’m still alive

I, oh, I’m still alive
Hey i, oh, I’m still alive
Hey i, but, I’m still alive
Yeah i, ooh, I’m still alive
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[Thanks Pearl Jam! and those who made get well comments, thanks! Still tired and congested, but better]

Spiderwoman Origin 3
Jessica Drew [have you noticed how many times the name Jessica appears in comics? Alias, Desolation Jones, this?] is sent on a mission by Hydra to rescue lover Jared. And kill Nick Fury.

The plot plays out in a very Sydney of Alias way...Hydra is actually an evil terrorist cell, she's been manipulated her whole life. And her boyfriend, blonde-haired blue-eyed Jared, well, he once again shows that Aryan looks are evil.

"your boyfriend was blowing up children in a Moraccan marketplace for Hydra terrorists efforts."

"Hydra found you, they put you in a tank...for ten years. Lke a fish. Poking your DNA, scraping cells."

and Jared, her love, betrays her totally "ordered me to have a relationship with you. It was sickening. It was disgusting."

Once she is mad enough, there are fistfights, swords, and martial arts and trademark cliffhanger ends the Spiderwoman Origin story from the Luna Brothers. Wish I could resolve some of my life stresses with a flash of a sword or roundhouse kick to the head.

Book of Lost Souls 5
Colleen Doran art, Straczynski writer

At NYcomicon, Colleen Doran said that walking through a SciFi conference with Neil Gaiman was like being with a rock star. She said she was actually pushed aside for women to get to Neil. This was all in context of the Sexy Girls anthology. She made me laugh when she said..."You get a room full of insecure women".. It does sound like they turned a lot of young women on to the gothic series of BOLS.

Jonathan and hitman Quint are on the ethereal zone known as The Long Road. Jonathan may have to intervene to save a prostitute, but then face the Dark Man and consequences.

"like money, blood has an exchange rate"

"There are some things worse than the road. I don't know if they are running away from - or toward something. People run. It's what they do. "

"Suicide- throws it away. You think it proves something. "

"Kill people-- work for the same guy. See that's the thing about shepards, they need a wolf out here preying on the sheep. "

"The dark man. What did he say? That we are at war. Now and forever.

Wednesday, March 8

Behind the wall of sleep

RF had to go to the emergency room last night. Better, but still so exhausted sitting up is the best it gets. I can't even read comics, so I will follow docs advice and rest and drink fluids. Post in a few days.

Tuesday, March 7

Bleeding on a team-up

Wizard's "writer of the year" Geoff Johns and "artist of the year" Ethan Van Sciver team for Green Lantern 9. I enjoyed the character aspects of Batman and Hal Jordan -- banter such as Hal lighting up a dark Bat room with the ring...

"You should really work with a light on. Could ruin your eyes."

Johns creates a plot about Tattooed Man, who grafts skin onto his own and creates tats that have a life of their own. Plus, he tags the victims on their "sins"
Weakness: Women. Weakness: Rude to waiters.

"Does this seat go back? Robin usually sits there."

I see a weakness: Arrogance.
There's a lot of blood on your hands.

Van Sciver has some incredible panels-- Hal and Bats fistfight, Tattooed Man's details, and especially when Hal offers Batman the ring and the chance to "help you overcome your greatest fear" and a Green Lantern symbol with bat wings emerges. Jumps off the page at you.

But as much as I like Ethan's art, this week he posted about fans at Megacon and was snark-city. The guy who dyed his hair green probably loves GL and Ethan's work on it and tells all his friends. These are your fans dude!
C at Comic Lair often complains about DC and Marvel and how much these artists can make, and how they could give more back to the retailers and fans. And thank god I wasn't at Megacon-- my red hair is clean and shiny.

This week, here in warm and sunny Orlando, Florida, is MegaCon. What’s MegaCon, you ask? MegaCon is a comic book convention that I am attending. In fact, I’m right in the middle of it, because it’s Saturday now, and the show doesn’t end until tomorrow night. During this time, I meet and greet people and sign their comics and draw them little Green Lantern drawings. And I shake a lot of hands and take a lot of photos. Did one of these people shed a hair that landed on my head, tangled up like Velcro, perhaps sharing microscopic and prehistoric looking parasites, and only now slipped free to torment my face? Aw! What if it’s a long, oily red hair?! Or blonde?


Monday, March 6

Stargirl in braces and Dale

Back to work- and 3 long training days out of town this week.

One more NYcomicon story. I saw Dale Eaglesham sketching in artist alley, and wanted him to sign my JSA 81 written by Geoff Johns that I really liked. His wife has the striped shirt on the right side of the photo. She was very outgoing. I told them how I liked the Stargirl story and art. His wife opened it to the Stargirl photo with braces and asked "How much do you love this?". I said it really showed a young girl with sexiness but also innocence. Dale commented "It was really hard to do". That was pretty much it for the discussion. Sometimes it's hard to talk to the artists because they are working on a sketch when you ask them to sign something. I can liken it to being on a speaker phone and hearing racket on the other end. Or when someone is talking to their dog while you are long distance with them...come on, I know you love your dog but give me a few minutes!

Sunday, March 5

Tarzan and Crockett

Two homes of interest to comic types. I'm back to 30 degree temps, sinus infection, but tomorrow I'm back on the comic bloggin' train.

Johnny Weismuller, Tarzan and Olympic swimmer's once home on the Intercoastal Waterway.

Michael Mann, creator of Miami Vice, director of Manhunter, Heat, more.

Thursday, March 2

Sandy feet

Ft. L--- It was 88 yesterday, water temp 72. Not the freezing, icy rain of home. FL sun is very hot. Everyone here feels like they need to tell me to wear sunscreen, since my pale skin makes me a minority. Even the 90 year olds at Del Boca Vista have dark tans. Plus, it took about 2 days to see a redhead, I am soooo the minority.

Haven't read as much, but am working on the Ex Machina trade 1. Can I tell you I how much I love Mitchell Hundred, and his green eyes and progressive politics?

why was the Net born?

The best of the February referrals, once again filtered. My referrals always make me sing this song from Avenue Q: " The internet is for porn! grab your dick and double click, for porn, porn, porn!"

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Wednesday, March 1

Ft. Liquordale

The fangirl will be taking a vacation to Ft. Liquor- I mean, Lauderdale- tomorrow until the weekend. Bikini and many comics are in the bag. In between the beach, seafood, and parks, I hope to get to a comic store.

Invincible 28
The return of Nolan arc.
Invincible works to prevent the extinction of a species. It feels like a long time between issues, but luckily, the story is easy enough to jump into. Invincible is fleeing with dad, Nolan's wife, and girlfriend Amber worries at home about where he is and why he hasn't called. Although, please, most guys just don't have this as a valid excuse.

"He abandoned your world to come here- and created offspring with these creatures"

"How will you protect us?" "My dad. He saved us"

Samson- "I've seen thousands die. I've lost hundreds of wives, friends, even the enemies started getting to me after a while. After a while, focus completely on work, protect others but never get too close."

"I got tired, Dad. I never got tired before." "you take too much for granted son"