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Tuesday, March 7

Bleeding on a team-up

Wizard's "writer of the year" Geoff Johns and "artist of the year" Ethan Van Sciver team for Green Lantern 9. I enjoyed the character aspects of Batman and Hal Jordan -- banter such as Hal lighting up a dark Bat room with the ring...

"You should really work with a light on. Could ruin your eyes."

Johns creates a plot about Tattooed Man, who grafts skin onto his own and creates tats that have a life of their own. Plus, he tags the victims on their "sins"
Weakness: Women. Weakness: Rude to waiters.

"Does this seat go back? Robin usually sits there."

I see a weakness: Arrogance.
There's a lot of blood on your hands.

Van Sciver has some incredible panels-- Hal and Bats fistfight, Tattooed Man's details, and especially when Hal offers Batman the ring and the chance to "help you overcome your greatest fear" and a Green Lantern symbol with bat wings emerges. Jumps off the page at you.

But as much as I like Ethan's art, this week he posted about fans at Megacon and was snark-city. The guy who dyed his hair green probably loves GL and Ethan's work on it and tells all his friends. These are your fans dude!
C at Comic Lair often complains about DC and Marvel and how much these artists can make, and how they could give more back to the retailers and fans. And thank god I wasn't at Megacon-- my red hair is clean and shiny.

This week, here in warm and sunny Orlando, Florida, is MegaCon. What’s MegaCon, you ask? MegaCon is a comic book convention that I am attending. In fact, I’m right in the middle of it, because it’s Saturday now, and the show doesn’t end until tomorrow night. During this time, I meet and greet people and sign their comics and draw them little Green Lantern drawings. And I shake a lot of hands and take a lot of photos. Did one of these people shed a hair that landed on my head, tangled up like Velcro, perhaps sharing microscopic and prehistoric looking parasites, and only now slipped free to torment my face? Aw! What if it’s a long, oily red hair?! Or blonde?



At 3:06 PM, Blogger Ragnell said...

You didn't read where he was on a quest to become the meanest guy in comics and a faster artist so he could afford to be?

At 5:22 AM, Blogger Mark said...

As a fully-fledged misanthrope, I find it very easy to forgive Ethan for momentarily "coming over all John Bryne". Just as long as he doesn't make a career of it (see also: "John Byrne").

At 1:37 PM, Blogger EthanV said...

Aw, I'd never say anything bad about you, Red. And I love my fans dearly! All 2 of them! ;)

Why aren't you posting on my blog?



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