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Thursday, March 9

I, oh, I’m still alive

I, oh, I’m still alive
Hey i, oh, I’m still alive
Hey i, but, I’m still alive
Yeah i, ooh, I’m still alive
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[Thanks Pearl Jam! and those who made get well comments, thanks! Still tired and congested, but better]

Spiderwoman Origin 3
Jessica Drew [have you noticed how many times the name Jessica appears in comics? Alias, Desolation Jones, this?] is sent on a mission by Hydra to rescue lover Jared. And kill Nick Fury.

The plot plays out in a very Sydney of Alias way...Hydra is actually an evil terrorist cell, she's been manipulated her whole life. And her boyfriend, blonde-haired blue-eyed Jared, well, he once again shows that Aryan looks are evil.

"your boyfriend was blowing up children in a Moraccan marketplace for Hydra terrorists efforts."

"Hydra found you, they put you in a tank...for ten years. Lke a fish. Poking your DNA, scraping cells."

and Jared, her love, betrays her totally "ordered me to have a relationship with you. It was sickening. It was disgusting."

Once she is mad enough, there are fistfights, swords, and martial arts and trademark cliffhanger ends the Spiderwoman Origin story from the Luna Brothers. Wish I could resolve some of my life stresses with a flash of a sword or roundhouse kick to the head.

Book of Lost Souls 5
Colleen Doran art, Straczynski writer

At NYcomicon, Colleen Doran said that walking through a SciFi conference with Neil Gaiman was like being with a rock star. She said she was actually pushed aside for women to get to Neil. This was all in context of the Sexy Girls anthology. She made me laugh when she said..."You get a room full of insecure women".. It does sound like they turned a lot of young women on to the gothic series of BOLS.

Jonathan and hitman Quint are on the ethereal zone known as The Long Road. Jonathan may have to intervene to save a prostitute, but then face the Dark Man and consequences.

"like money, blood has an exchange rate"

"There are some things worse than the road. I don't know if they are running away from - or toward something. People run. It's what they do. "

"Suicide- throws it away. You think it proves something. "

"Kill people-- work for the same guy. See that's the thing about shepards, they need a wolf out here preying on the sheep. "

"The dark man. What did he say? That we are at war. Now and forever.


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