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Wednesday, March 29

Bitter Souls redeemed

Did you miss out last year on reading "Of Bitter Souls"- the trade is out!
Last year I was sucked into the first couple issues, set in New Orleans and explores the gothic horror element of the city AND adds a superhero team of 4 flawed souls led by a preacher to fight the darker forces. It's the rare supernatural/superhero tale that really works, on the strength of Chuck Satterlee's engaging writing. The art is exquisite by Norm Breyfoyle, with ink and color to bring you to the streets of New Orleans.

Of Bitter Souls
The Trade Paperback

Collecting the first three published issues and the next three previously unpublished issues of the acclaimed mini-series, OF BITTER SOULS, this trade paperback is 186 pages in length and retails for $18.99.

With art by industry legend, Norm Breyfogle (Batman, Detective, Prime) and writing by up and comer Chuck Satterlee, Of Bitter Souls has received critical acclaim.

The Trade Paperback features an introduction by Mark Waid and pin-ups by pros such as Mike Oeming and Dick Giordano as well as fan art, sketches and more.


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