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Saturday, March 25

Fast acting reviews

Take these reviews like those fast-acting gel caps; limiting my comments to just a few sentences to get the goodness to you- fast.

Invincible 29
Bloody battle scenes with Invincible and his father Nolan after the slaughter of his new planet.
I should not care that they are dead. And yet I care. I am enraged! How can you think it wouldn't be better to nothing at times like these?
Invincible feels he is too slow, and not ready for this battle, but the time has come. "You better get ready"

Fell 4
Detective Fell decides he can not ignore the dead floater in Snowtown. "But there are worse things than floaters" he is told. "3 floaters a week? That's a hundred fifty murders a year we just ignore? We just can't say 'oh, it's Snowtown' all the damn time." Templesmith continues his moody, gritty art of the docks and pubs while Ellis explores a little more of how Fell ended up in Snowtown to begin with.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 5 and 6
5 is a funny standalone of Vanna who delusions lead her to believe Spidey is fighting just for her attention. It's called Weblog, and she blogs her experiences from high school to old age. J. Jonah Jamison exploits her restraining order, given by the court just to make her happy. "Heck, if enough people get restraining orders against that wall-crawling creep, he'd have to leave town for good!" MJ appears to Vanna 40 years later who has "no husband, no children, no friends, no nothing, really" and goes off on her blame of others, and how "others use traumas to propel them to greatness".

Issue 6 reveals the new iron man spidey suit (yuk), and the story pits a Mexican wrestler named El Muerto in a match with Spidey- drawn by the 1 million dollar charity check from J. Jonah "Blasted show-boating, wall-crawling freak". Flash Thompson, now coach at the HS Peter works, doesn't remember him. When shown a pic of MJ, Flash says "who's the babe?" "Mary Jane, my wife" "Good one, almost got me there!". In fear of being unmasked, Spidey - and maybe a new power from the suit- shows an electrical zap against Muerto.

Birds of Prey 92 One Year Later
Lady Shiva- now The Jade Canary- "I find men have few uses, and conversation isn't one of them" Oracle sends the Huntress and Jade Canary to get Matt Thorne, the crime doctor, who is willing to give information about the Society. "Why do they always pray when they see me? I'm here to protect you"
"The information he's willing to could save thousands, maybe millions"
A great new start to the BOP series-- Simone brings it once again.


At 11:01 PM, Blogger Ragnell said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see Shiva there, especially after the last Batgirl. I'd thought she was a goner!


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