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Thursday, November 30

30 days hath November

Join me in December for a special feature- my countdown of Redhead Fangirl's favorite comic redheads! A winter wonderland of all ginger haired comic characters. The weather here in the Northeast is turning from a high of 70 today (no coat, no sweater) to the winter coat, Irish wool sweater and gloves weather. So while we get socked and I try to decorate my house/buy Xmas gifts/get cards/ prepare to travel, instead of downshifting the blog I'm revvin' up. Hope you'll appreciate my choices.

Fast thoughts on Civil War 5:
Spidey breaking away from Iron Man was not a surprise, being heavily foreshadowed in Spidey's hesitation. Spidey says Aunt May and Mary Jane are safe. Let's hope Wizard man of the year (standard Wiz) Joe Quesada and editorially team don't use this opportunity to obliterate the Spidey marriage.

Sue and Torch going undercover as a couple made for some funny dialogue regarding the creep factor and that Torch would never date someone as old as her.

I think we can all agree that The Punisher bringing a hurt Spidey in had a great full page panel and dialogue for that segment.

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Sunday, November 26

This'll work skipper

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday- working for the public library, I worked all day Friday (for holiday pay) and today, Sunday. Wish I had the 4 days off. People disparage state and government workers for all our extra holidays, but the library was open Fri, Sat, Sun.

Picked up three weeks of comics! Caught up on 52. It really is better read on a weekly basis (or 2). It's always nice to whip through 3 in a clip, but the 4 distinct storylines within 1 issue make for quite a bit of mind jumping when you read 3 at once. DC has really outdone themselves by getting this series to stores on time, with no delays. And it's good!

Click image for more detail on the invitees to the Birds of Prey team

Birds of Prey 100 was very exciting- a new start for Oracle's team. It was great to see all the 'potentials' being asked to consider joining the team. The Power Girl frame was the most amusing. This frame of PG was how she should be illustrated, with huge muscle definition in her legs and arms. Nicola Scott is the (female) illustrator, and I think Gail Simone's influence always helps the difficult cheesecake history of the characters from Black Canary, Huntress, Batgirl. I don't mind them looking hot as long as there is some dignity and intelligence to the character.

And to add Kate Spencer, Manhunter to the BoP mix- a seemless match!
Silver Bullet review recaps the invites to the DCU females:
those heroines (Big Barda, Judomaster, and Kate Spencer sans her Manhunter garb) that appeared in this particular issue. There's also an introduction of a new adversary in Katarina Armstrong a.k.a. Spy Smasher

DMZ 13 starts a new story arc in Public Works 1 of 5. Brian Wood's cover looks like an urban horror movie to me, splashed in red with the upraised sledgehammer. The theme of worker rebellion in the book tie into the cover also. I'm going to buck the trend here and say I actually liked this issue less. The Halliburton type company, the suicide bombers-- while the rest of DMZ is certainly an allegory for the US in Iraq, the New York setting and people were more important to the story. This felt like it could be anywhere in the world. I guess that could be a strength of story too. Matty's going deep undercover and we'll see what is revealed to him.

Walking Dead 32 if you are following the series, be sure to read the letter hacks where Kirkman addresses some eloquent letters regarding the cruelty in the issue 29, and how the rape of an African-American woman by a white male has made several people give up on the book. While I like Kirkman, I think his "harsh things happen" is a bit of a dust-off. I came close to giving up WD also because it's just hard to stomach (and he says worse things are ahead).

Girls 19 I love and write about Girls by the Luna Brothers all the time, but is anyone out there reading it? I'd like to hear some one else comment on the series. This issue started with
" balls are soooo drained". I'm usually laughing out loud several times an issue, half out of the humor and half from being shocked. It's a little raunchy, but much less than a book with many, many naked girls could be.

Still at Blogger Alpha,
Redhead Fangirl

Friday, November 24

Buffy, season 8

Joss Whedon on the Buffy comics, calling them "season 8", after the Buffy TV end where she empowered all the girls in the world with her 'slayer' magic. Probably my favorite show of all time, strong right through 7 seasons. I like Lost and Heroes, but I will eat my hat if I am still watching them years from now. Will be interesting to see the Whedonesque continuation from that point. I will certainly miss Anya.

Plus, he discusses working on the Wonder Woman movie
And besides her great origin story, there's nothing from the comics that felt right 100 percent, no iconic canon story that must be told.

Wednesday, November 22

Tryptophan Thanksgiving

Enjoy your dose of Trytophan in your Thxgiving Turkey! I'll give thanks to a year of comics and comicons and creator meetings and Wed new release days and summer superhero films and graphic novels at the library, and especially to those of you who visit and comment here.

Some late reviews:
Mystery in Space 3

How can you not like a comic that has med-rob and tech-rob robots in it? This series has continued to have strong writing, great art, and the ever cuter Comet. One panel where he is sleeping with spiky hair- yum. I'll bet Shelly thinks so too.
"I knew I was in some high octane trouble"
Comet, seemingly clueless to girl's attention, makes even dog friend Tyrone comment that "Comet, your an idiot." And self-depricatingly talks of his own stubbornness "I ignore the facts, in other words, I'm sometimes too dumb to know I'm beaten." Now, how will he escape from being stranded on an asteroid belt?

52 week 25
I'm so far behind it was the Halloween issue of 52! The Black Marvel family comes to town to fight a huge Devil chasing trick or treaters. Two redheads of note in this issue: Ralph Dibny in the realm of the damned, and Infinity, Inc.'s redhead Matrix "damn, she's hot!"

Of more redheads, in Secret Six 5, Scandal flees to her father after catching Knockout with Deadshot:
"You didn't just screw the redhead, Lawton. You screwed all of us this time." Secret Six 6 will be the finale, promised to be action-packed. Simone's arc has been funny and interesting..this one ending with a Dr. Psycho and Hatter 'mental voodoo' brain-off.

Monday, November 20

A plush batgirl and Golden

Thanks to fans from thereelvincentdnofrio for coming to my site because of my sighting.
I had no idea that phillygirl or Gordon dug him so much! The full report is that I watched the filming for about 20 mins. His female costar Katheryn Erbe was there also. This is an extremely busy corner anyway (midtown NY across from the Garden), but people stopping to watch made it jammed packed. Vincent was patient with all the cameras and camera phone pics, and waved to the crowd once. The guys next to me were repeating lines from Full Metal Jacket "Didn't mommy give you enough attention?". The filming also involved an African American man dressed as a priest.

On to my report of the National Con. As a con organizer myself, it is so easy for people to pick apart or make grand suggestions of what a con should do or be; the execution is much harder. There are an enormous number of emails, calls, hotel, guest and dealer arrangements. For someone like me, with a full time job and limited resources, you have to be devoted.

That said- there were many positive moments from Friday:

  • Seeing Kevin, Mike, and Luis from Variant Edition getting off the train and then through the day. If you aren't watching their weekly show, damn well get on it. They do news, interviews, con coverage, statue reviews-- Kevin is a great producer.
  • Talking with Ivan Brandon, Cross Bronx writer, about how I am enjoying CB. He discussed his next project, a Viking story that he wants to appeal to female fans also.
  • Meeting our big guest for the March 2007 MidJersey Comicon- Michael Golden and his agent Renee. Michael was sketching, but was very nice and will be a great draw for our show. Golden cocreated X-Men's Rogue, Bucky O'Hare, Micronauts, Dr. Strange #55.
  • Seeing past MJCC guest Rob Granito, who just flew in from Tampa and had his inks taken at the airport.

However, I have never liked the 'adult' content at this con-- ex-Playmates and T&A actresses. The Friday is a better day to go for less crowds, but you also get less celebrities, or ones who show late. I paid $15, and while I go for comics and creators, did not see even 1/2 of the announced guests. There was a taped up sign saying Adam West would be there 6-8PM-- after I left. Comic guest-wise, Travis Charest and Jae Lee seemed to have the longest lines.

Being so behind on comics, I also didn't want to add any more to my pile, so I didn't dig as much as the past. I overheard one dealer saying that he has not made money the last 2 shows. I did buy a great martial arts film- Dragon Tiger Gate. And a cute Batgirl plush doll. The only trade I bought was DC: The stories of Alan Moore. Excellent so far.

Saturday, November 18

Criminal intent

Yesterday I went to the National in NY. It was $15 to get in, and announced big celebrities like Val Kilmer and Adam West-- none of which were there all day Friday. I did see the girl from Head of the Class, and some T&A girls.

I will have a full report soon, but for now, here's a camera phone pic of Vincent D'Onofrio. As I approached the entrance, there was a mob scene and I thought, man people really want to get into this con! But it was just a street corner filming of Law and Order, Criminal Intent. Which I had to tell about 20 people asking "Who is that? I think it's CSI. "

Off to Philadelphia- Shoreturtle is running the Philadelphia Marathon, his first. It takes so much time, training and discipline. And, his mom is flying in as our guest star from Michigan, with today being the huge Michigan-Ohio State game. Go Shoreturtle, you are as inspiring as Lance Armstrong to me!

Thursday, November 16

100 Birds of Prey

I have 2 weeks of comics waiting for me, and Birds of Prey 100 is waiting, but I never discussed BOP 99, with Black Canary leaving the team.
This issue was sentimental, between Black Canary's own growth and her friendships as part of the team. She rightfully thanks Barbara for her leadership "Something...a little a mother." Raising her own child and walking in Shiva's shoes made Dinah think about life and choices and her future. Congrats on the marvelous success, Ms. Simone, and thank you for giving men and women a fresh, fun look at superheroinism (not a word).
"We made something great here, Helena. We're all going to be fine."

Gail Simone, in her Newsarama interview,
nails down how BoP hit 100 issues, became a fan favorite, and
But other than that, I think it proves all sorts of comic mythology wrong. It’s a book with a nearly 100% female cast and no ‘a-list’ stars that has not only held steady but actually gained readers. I think it shows readers aren’t the stereotypes we keep repeating. BoP has always had a lot of beautiful women in it, but I think if cheesecake were honestly the only element bringing readers in, we would’ve been cancelled ages ago.

Make sure you catch the end of the article, where Gail gives a rundown of other female characters that might pop up,
Using the cover of issue #100 as a guide, let's go through some of the ladies of the DCU and what you think they each offer the Birds of Prey -

NRAMA: Phantom Lady

GS: She has two huge, amazing qualities that form a protective barrier from evil. Oh, and enormous breasts.

Tuesday, November 14

Scruffy looking nerf herder

Oooh..I love when bestselling authors email me! I just finished The Book of Fate by Brad Meltzer, and sent some praise to him that 1- I liked the book for it's characterizations and pacing (which I knew from his comic writing) 2- Thank him for the redhaired and freckled lead female, who is also smart and 3- Tell him I liked the references to the comic world {for example, the guard yells for "Rags!" and "Loeb"}

And Mr. Meltzer wrote a quick email that included this nugget:
And libraries were where I learned to love reading, so thanks for doing the vital work! :)
Yea me!

Thanks to Full Catastrophe for leading me to the Star Wars Personality Quiz.

"Into the garbage chute, flyboy"

Your results:
You are Princess Leia
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
An Ewok
Han Solo
Boba Fett

You are an excellent friend
and an unselfish person,
yet you like to spend a lot of
time on your hair and fashion.
You spend most of your time
with guys that are too cocky,
too hairy, or too related.

Monday, November 13

Lion Pride

PW on Best Graphic Novels of the Year
My comment when seeing the oversight of Pride of Baghdad will have to work as my review for now. I expected it to be good, with both BKV as writer and the topic. B at the comic store said it was "one of the best comics he's ever read- I'd put it up there with Watchmen."

For both content and art, Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan should have absolutely been included. Niko Henrichon's artwork was jaw-droppingly beautiful of lions and lionesses, contrasted with the tanks and bombers in Baghdad. Brian K. Vaughan crafted the one graphic novel- and I read a lot of comics and GN's- that had me crying at the end. Characterization, politics, humanity- it had it all.

Alan Moore appears on the Simpsons.
The first mention of this was the hub of all comic news UK at Bad Librarianship
Recent good reads: Justice 8 (Batgirl one of the oodles of characters), Secret Six 5 (6 is the action-packed finale), Mystery in Space 3.

Friday, November 10

"Everything's spectacular. Amazing. Sensational."

One thing I love about Spider-man loves Mary Jane is how Sean McKeever drops in other Marvel characters. Issue 11 has MJ coming into her own starring in the school play, but silently suffering over Peter Parker's relationship with Gwen Stacy who showed up a few issues ago. She's pushing people like Peter,and even Spidey, away and starting the 'party-girl' image we know. Hasn't everyone decided to distance themselves thinking that it's better than being hurt?
Anyway, Harry Osborn is talking to a new guy about how he doesn't get too attached and is always on the look out for a new girl...and the new guy is "Luke", as in Luke Cage. And who does he have his eye on-- well, the 'redhead. She's fine.' Harry does not like that choice.

Boys, I promise that the cutesy artwork should not deter you from reading one of the best comics out there. Girls, same thing.

Once I saw that TONY was doing an article on obsessive collectors, I knew there would be at least one comic OCD'er : Wonder Woman collector

I'd also like to hear more comments on the last post about 'dropped' titles.
I'm going to enjoy my day off- just got to run in the sunshine on a great fall day.

Wednesday, November 8

a deadman to me

Deadman 3
I believe this will be my last issue of Deadman. I just can't seem to enjoy the disjointed jump in time storyline (and I'm a fan of that postmodern, Memento style). Also, the brothers Brandon and Scott; I can't seem to remember the lead characters name and I think there has been a little too much Sarah nudity. She was wearing a skin tight revealing red dress to teach physics? Uh, yeah. Maybe it's meant more of a metaphor, like the red dress in Shindler's list. Maybe in trade I'll finish the story, but now a few more dollars will go into other comics.

What comic have you dropped that you had the highest hopes for? I think the Lee/Miller All Star Batman and Robin let a lot of us down. Also dropped this year: Ion, Hawkgirl, Blue Beetle, anything with the word Classified (JLA or JSA), Shrugged, Green Arrow, OMAC, Flash, Friendly Neighborhood Spidey, and the recent additions: Deadman and Eternals.

My on notice list: The All New Atom, Nextwave (ending anyway), Martian Manhunter.

Some series that have ended, leaving me with less on my pull list, but still too many in the pile... Bite Club, Living in Infamy, The Thing, Identity and Infinite Crisis, Spiderwoman.

Monday, November 6


Like most of America, I've been working on the never ending leaves in the yard. C bought a clog-proof rake I have to try!
Last night I read Criminal #2, and Jack of Fables, which I just eat up with a spoon. Have some 52's, She-Hulk, Mystery in Space, Secret Six, more in the pile.

Blog friend H at the Comic Treadmill interviewed by Bloggasm!
He reads them because after nearly four decades of reading comics he still enjoys both the old and new and enjoys blogging about the fun he finds in them – even if the creation of the Treadmill has slowed down the indexing pace to the point where it seems unlikely H will ever finish it absent an encounter with a comet that grants him immortality

National Book Award comic backlash
Neil Gaiman responds to the 'graphic novels should not be eligible for real literature prizes' snoot: it seems a rather silly and antiquated argument, like hearing someone complain that women have the vote or that be-bop music and crooners are turning up in the pop charts."

Thursday, November 2


Two mini comics that I picked up in NY. The Letter by Karla Krupala is about a lesbian who left home to "find others like me" who gets a letter to be in a childhood friends wedding. Here's a scan of the detailed black and white art.

Conversation #1 by James Kochalka and Craig Thompson. I love both of their works, from Monkey vs. Robot to Blankets. This mini was a philosophic trip into the 'what is art', pretty heavy content for a mini.

2nd Batgirl meme Great to see all the contributions, from the amateur to the high end.

Wizard World 2007- 2008

Rolling Stone's article on The worst Congress ever and the 10 worst Congressmen

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