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Monday, November 13

Lion Pride

PW on Best Graphic Novels of the Year
My comment when seeing the oversight of Pride of Baghdad will have to work as my review for now. I expected it to be good, with both BKV as writer and the topic. B at the comic store said it was "one of the best comics he's ever read- I'd put it up there with Watchmen."

For both content and art, Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan should have absolutely been included. Niko Henrichon's artwork was jaw-droppingly beautiful of lions and lionesses, contrasted with the tanks and bombers in Baghdad. Brian K. Vaughan crafted the one graphic novel- and I read a lot of comics and GN's- that had me crying at the end. Characterization, politics, humanity- it had it all.

Alan Moore appears on the Simpsons.
The first mention of this was the hub of all comic news UK at Bad Librarianship
Recent good reads: Justice 8 (Batgirl one of the oodles of characters), Secret Six 5 (6 is the action-packed finale), Mystery in Space 3.


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Um, I'm pretty sure I just lifted it offa Heidi.

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