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Thursday, November 2


Two mini comics that I picked up in NY. The Letter by Karla Krupala is about a lesbian who left home to "find others like me" who gets a letter to be in a childhood friends wedding. Here's a scan of the detailed black and white art.

Conversation #1 by James Kochalka and Craig Thompson. I love both of their works, from Monkey vs. Robot to Blankets. This mini was a philosophic trip into the 'what is art', pretty heavy content for a mini.

2nd Batgirl meme Great to see all the contributions, from the amateur to the high end.

Wizard World 2007- 2008

Rolling Stone's article on The worst Congress ever and the 10 worst Congressmen

My monthly (feature)- referrals for Oct-
xmen come back more than Jesus
deep thought redhead
melancholy men
poledancer 52
xmen last stand dickhead
my librarian senses are tingling
robins green pants
"rick springfield" librarians hot
kyle rayner hottest male
geek love radio redhead
batwoman grey halloween costume
legion flight ring
Grayson she is a royal pain
the world loves a redhead
triangle wins
physical characteristics of a femme fatale
comic zombie
making hair red for pippi


At 2:17 PM, Blogger Justin said...

I didn't want to seem stupid, but I can't figure it out. What are those referrals about?


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