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Wednesday, November 22

Tryptophan Thanksgiving

Enjoy your dose of Trytophan in your Thxgiving Turkey! I'll give thanks to a year of comics and comicons and creator meetings and Wed new release days and summer superhero films and graphic novels at the library, and especially to those of you who visit and comment here.

Some late reviews:
Mystery in Space 3

How can you not like a comic that has med-rob and tech-rob robots in it? This series has continued to have strong writing, great art, and the ever cuter Comet. One panel where he is sleeping with spiky hair- yum. I'll bet Shelly thinks so too.
"I knew I was in some high octane trouble"
Comet, seemingly clueless to girl's attention, makes even dog friend Tyrone comment that "Comet, your an idiot." And self-depricatingly talks of his own stubbornness "I ignore the facts, in other words, I'm sometimes too dumb to know I'm beaten." Now, how will he escape from being stranded on an asteroid belt?

52 week 25
I'm so far behind it was the Halloween issue of 52! The Black Marvel family comes to town to fight a huge Devil chasing trick or treaters. Two redheads of note in this issue: Ralph Dibny in the realm of the damned, and Infinity, Inc.'s redhead Matrix "damn, she's hot!"

Of more redheads, in Secret Six 5, Scandal flees to her father after catching Knockout with Deadshot:
"You didn't just screw the redhead, Lawton. You screwed all of us this time." Secret Six 6 will be the finale, promised to be action-packed. Simone's arc has been funny and interesting..this one ending with a Dr. Psycho and Hatter 'mental voodoo' brain-off.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I definitely loved the Comet shots. If I wasn't feeling so lazy, and overwhelmed right now by other stuff, I'd scan a few panels in. Maybe later.

Meanwhile, I just discovered I'm missing an issue of OMAC. hmmm.... Guess I'll be going back to the comic shop on Friday.

At 5:04 PM, Anonymous Redhead Fangirl's #1 Fan said...

I give thanks for Redhead Fangirl and her awesome blog. Keep up the good work. Keep it real. Keep it sexy. PEACE OUT!!!

At 10:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey look: You're Famous!


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