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Monday, November 6


Like most of America, I've been working on the never ending leaves in the yard. C bought a clog-proof rake I have to try!
Last night I read Criminal #2, and Jack of Fables, which I just eat up with a spoon. Have some 52's, She-Hulk, Mystery in Space, Secret Six, more in the pile.

Blog friend H at the Comic Treadmill interviewed by Bloggasm!
He reads them because after nearly four decades of reading comics he still enjoys both the old and new and enjoys blogging about the fun he finds in them – even if the creation of the Treadmill has slowed down the indexing pace to the point where it seems unlikely H will ever finish it absent an encounter with a comet that grants him immortality

National Book Award comic backlash
Neil Gaiman responds to the 'graphic novels should not be eligible for real literature prizes' snoot: it seems a rather silly and antiquated argument, like hearing someone complain that women have the vote or that be-bop music and crooners are turning up in the pop charts."


At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Redhead Fangirl's #1 Fan said...

Are you gonna wear your Batgirl costume when you rake leaves?


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