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Sunday, November 26

This'll work skipper

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday- working for the public library, I worked all day Friday (for holiday pay) and today, Sunday. Wish I had the 4 days off. People disparage state and government workers for all our extra holidays, but the library was open Fri, Sat, Sun.

Picked up three weeks of comics! Caught up on 52. It really is better read on a weekly basis (or 2). It's always nice to whip through 3 in a clip, but the 4 distinct storylines within 1 issue make for quite a bit of mind jumping when you read 3 at once. DC has really outdone themselves by getting this series to stores on time, with no delays. And it's good!

Click image for more detail on the invitees to the Birds of Prey team

Birds of Prey 100 was very exciting- a new start for Oracle's team. It was great to see all the 'potentials' being asked to consider joining the team. The Power Girl frame was the most amusing. This frame of PG was how she should be illustrated, with huge muscle definition in her legs and arms. Nicola Scott is the (female) illustrator, and I think Gail Simone's influence always helps the difficult cheesecake history of the characters from Black Canary, Huntress, Batgirl. I don't mind them looking hot as long as there is some dignity and intelligence to the character.

And to add Kate Spencer, Manhunter to the BoP mix- a seemless match!
Silver Bullet review recaps the invites to the DCU females:
those heroines (Big Barda, Judomaster, and Kate Spencer sans her Manhunter garb) that appeared in this particular issue. There's also an introduction of a new adversary in Katarina Armstrong a.k.a. Spy Smasher

DMZ 13 starts a new story arc in Public Works 1 of 5. Brian Wood's cover looks like an urban horror movie to me, splashed in red with the upraised sledgehammer. The theme of worker rebellion in the book tie into the cover also. I'm going to buck the trend here and say I actually liked this issue less. The Halliburton type company, the suicide bombers-- while the rest of DMZ is certainly an allegory for the US in Iraq, the New York setting and people were more important to the story. This felt like it could be anywhere in the world. I guess that could be a strength of story too. Matty's going deep undercover and we'll see what is revealed to him.

Walking Dead 32 if you are following the series, be sure to read the letter hacks where Kirkman addresses some eloquent letters regarding the cruelty in the issue 29, and how the rape of an African-American woman by a white male has made several people give up on the book. While I like Kirkman, I think his "harsh things happen" is a bit of a dust-off. I came close to giving up WD also because it's just hard to stomach (and he says worse things are ahead).

Girls 19 I love and write about Girls by the Luna Brothers all the time, but is anyone out there reading it? I'd like to hear some one else comment on the series. This issue started with
" balls are soooo drained". I'm usually laughing out loud several times an issue, half out of the humor and half from being shocked. It's a little raunchy, but much less than a book with many, many naked girls could be.

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At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Nick said...

So I guess I am the only person that didn't like the artwork in BOP #100. Oracle just looked sickly skinny and PG, good gosh her bicep was bigger then her head.

Girls, I think is like a bad habit, people read it, they just don't tell anybody. I use to read it but, had to give it up a month or so ago due to the holiday season coming up. It's funny and gives with the heebie jeebies though, more people should read it.

At 7:20 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Saw your post on BoP after I wrote mine. I think Nicola is finding her groove. Think of all the male built characters, like Hulk, Cage - their biceps are drawn way bigger than their heads.
"gives with the heebie jeebies" ha!

At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Roscoe said...

I've gotta tell ya'. I am SO tempted to make this December a Girls marathon month over at my blog, spending a day on each comic book from #1 up through the current.


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