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Monday, November 20

A plush batgirl and Golden

Thanks to fans from thereelvincentdnofrio for coming to my site because of my sighting.
I had no idea that phillygirl or Gordon dug him so much! The full report is that I watched the filming for about 20 mins. His female costar Katheryn Erbe was there also. This is an extremely busy corner anyway (midtown NY across from the Garden), but people stopping to watch made it jammed packed. Vincent was patient with all the cameras and camera phone pics, and waved to the crowd once. The guys next to me were repeating lines from Full Metal Jacket "Didn't mommy give you enough attention?". The filming also involved an African American man dressed as a priest.

On to my report of the National Con. As a con organizer myself, it is so easy for people to pick apart or make grand suggestions of what a con should do or be; the execution is much harder. There are an enormous number of emails, calls, hotel, guest and dealer arrangements. For someone like me, with a full time job and limited resources, you have to be devoted.

That said- there were many positive moments from Friday:

  • Seeing Kevin, Mike, and Luis from Variant Edition getting off the train and then through the day. If you aren't watching their weekly show, damn well get on it. They do news, interviews, con coverage, statue reviews-- Kevin is a great producer.
  • Talking with Ivan Brandon, Cross Bronx writer, about how I am enjoying CB. He discussed his next project, a Viking story that he wants to appeal to female fans also.
  • Meeting our big guest for the March 2007 MidJersey Comicon- Michael Golden and his agent Renee. Michael was sketching, but was very nice and will be a great draw for our show. Golden cocreated X-Men's Rogue, Bucky O'Hare, Micronauts, Dr. Strange #55.
  • Seeing past MJCC guest Rob Granito, who just flew in from Tampa and had his inks taken at the airport.

However, I have never liked the 'adult' content at this con-- ex-Playmates and T&A actresses. The Friday is a better day to go for less crowds, but you also get less celebrities, or ones who show late. I paid $15, and while I go for comics and creators, did not see even 1/2 of the announced guests. There was a taped up sign saying Adam West would be there 6-8PM-- after I left. Comic guest-wise, Travis Charest and Jae Lee seemed to have the longest lines.

Being so behind on comics, I also didn't want to add any more to my pile, so I didn't dig as much as the past. I overheard one dealer saying that he has not made money the last 2 shows. I did buy a great martial arts film- Dragon Tiger Gate. And a cute Batgirl plush doll. The only trade I bought was DC: The stories of Alan Moore. Excellent so far.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Diane said...

Thank you again for sharing your Vincent pictures. You were VERY lucky to spot him and very gracious to post the results.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger hoskeyapin said...

i have to agree with diane you were very lucky indeed to get a chance to snap a pic of him and see him in person and i thank you for sharing that special moment with vincent fans it really means a lot to me

At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is another picture of vincent with three wonderful girls in the reelofvincentdonofrio.

you lucky girl you! nice site!


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