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Thursday, November 16

100 Birds of Prey

I have 2 weeks of comics waiting for me, and Birds of Prey 100 is waiting, but I never discussed BOP 99, with Black Canary leaving the team.
This issue was sentimental, between Black Canary's own growth and her friendships as part of the team. She rightfully thanks Barbara for her leadership "Something...a little a mother." Raising her own child and walking in Shiva's shoes made Dinah think about life and choices and her future. Congrats on the marvelous success, Ms. Simone, and thank you for giving men and women a fresh, fun look at superheroinism (not a word).
"We made something great here, Helena. We're all going to be fine."

Gail Simone, in her Newsarama interview,
nails down how BoP hit 100 issues, became a fan favorite, and
But other than that, I think it proves all sorts of comic mythology wrong. It’s a book with a nearly 100% female cast and no ‘a-list’ stars that has not only held steady but actually gained readers. I think it shows readers aren’t the stereotypes we keep repeating. BoP has always had a lot of beautiful women in it, but I think if cheesecake were honestly the only element bringing readers in, we would’ve been cancelled ages ago.

Make sure you catch the end of the article, where Gail gives a rundown of other female characters that might pop up,
Using the cover of issue #100 as a guide, let's go through some of the ladies of the DCU and what you think they each offer the Birds of Prey -

NRAMA: Phantom Lady

GS: She has two huge, amazing qualities that form a protective barrier from evil. Oh, and enormous breasts.


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