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Thursday, October 5

Space-time world sheets

It's time again for the [edited] referral fun from September-- I was too busy to even get half the referrals, but it was a mixed up and creative list:

German researchers redheads
the society of redheaded men
"space dolphins" lobo
v for vendetta please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste
are redheads trouble
"of bitter souls"
sad sacks
nothing left but me
redheads attract mexican
hitler intermarriage redheads
Batman "this is my town"
librarian long red hair
josh homme "men we love"
wakes up as an adult
Wolverine and redheads
new orleans axeman 1918-1919
"While the rest of the human race descended from monkeys, redheads derive from cats"
met my old lover in the grocery store song
restraining orders are for other girls
what does hooded eyes mean
black and white sketchy images of mermaids
Hulk librarian

One comic review from the plane:
Deadman 2 Bruce Jones, John Watkiss
The time and relationship jumps are hard to follow. Perhaps if I reread it, it will make more sense. The thick lines of the art make a bold and dark statement, and Brandon's dark lined eyes remind us of his multidimensional jumping. Credit is to be given for adding a physics discussion before a gunfight.

The nude bedroom/shower scene had me hiding the pages as I read them! I know the people in the row behind and next can be lookie-loos and I didn't want to offend. On a cool note, an older male flight attendant asked me about Manhunter as I was reading it. Wasn't sure if he was just being nice, but he had heard of the character and seemed to be a comic fan! We are everywhere, just waiting to talk about comics. In fact, at the wedding I met two friends of the bride-- Buccaneer Betty and Cowboy, and even there discussed She-Hulk.


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