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Thursday, September 7

melancholy men and sad sacks

Came across an interesting review while doing collection lists for the library:
An Anthology of Graphic Fiction Ivan Brunetti [comic artist]
"showcases varied styles and emotional depth of the field...seems to celebrate a certain type of loneliness and sad childhoods...a casual reader might come away thinking that comic art today is mostly the province of melancholy men and the sad sacks that invent them"

It will be no surprise I am excited for All-Star Batgirl, to be released next year. Glad that my Babs warrants her own book, instead of the planned arc in the All Star Batman and Robin...

Joe Pruett and John Kissee's The Untouchables, organized crime has turned the streets of Chicago into a dismal and dangerous place. Image in September.

Moonstone Titles Available At WOWIO

Ten titles from comics and graphic novel publisher Moonstone Books will be made available to interested readers through WOWIO, a new online bookstore. WOWIO allows readers to download ebooks at no cost. Instead, advertisements that are inserted into the material downloaded allow for the compensation of publishers. The books that Moonstone has made available for download through WOWIO are popular titles such as the Phantom, Kolchak, Cyclone Bill, the Cisco Kid, Lai Wan, Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons, Mr. Moto, Night Driver, Silencers and Werewolf: Call of the Wild.

52, week 17
Lex Luthor's own justice league appears. "you're just his one-trick pony" to John's niece.
Regarding Starfire "Why doesn't she listen to me?" I can tell you- it's because she's a redhead!
Lobo, the superhuman bounty hunter and genocidal sociopath appears on the scene. He's new to me. He looks like a cross between a pirate, a biker, and a British rocker, leading to the funny line "Huge biker dude standing in the vaccuum of space smoking a cigar?" I love that he will destroy any and everything, except space dolphins.

Also read She-Hulk 11, American Virgin 6.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger Justin said...

Do you use WOWIO? I turned away after seeing the credit card for authentication, or whatever. While I am sure plenty of places do this procedure with some degree of honesty I have already been burned once.

I am also looking forward to the All-Star Batgirl. I do have to say though that the end of 2007 is a long wait. Ah well, I finally started preordering BoP w/ 100 so that should tide me over.

At 7:38 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

Did you pick up Michael Avon Oeming's new comic, Cross-Bronx? Pretty good, I liked it. I especially like the rejection letters in the back.


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