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Sunday, September 17

Cross Bronxin'

There's been a lot of negativity in the comic blogosphere recently. Usually I have that Wed-new comic day feel when I click on comic blogs or read smart and fun comments on my own, but not the last month or so. All I can control is my work here, and I'll keep trying to endorse new blogs through the Comic Blog Legion, indie creators I meet at my own con or others, and reviews of the big-name stuff. Hope we haven't "lost that lovin' feelin".

Cross Bronx 1
Michael Avon Oeming and Ivan Brandon, writers
Oeming, art

Mike Oeming is the local-guy done good. He's from central Jersey, and raves for Red Sonja and Powers have elevated him. He's also an artist-writer, one of the few that can bring sharp dialogue or a gritty police procedural page.

I've been enjoying the free POWERS daily: Who Killed Retro Girl?. Great way to dip into the series and see Mike and Bendis partner for a superhero murder mystery. It's also the seasoned detective Walker and rookie Deena that lead to a great pairing.

So Cross Bronx is Oeming's latest effort. Rafael is a homicide detective, dealing with a brutal multiple homicide crime scene, and the difficulties of being a normal person.
"After hours of looking at photos of what the city does to a little dancing girl...I have to go home and try to be a person. Someone's husband."
The use of different panels, color, dialogue-- the world-weariness and resolve show through on the face of Raphael. Brandon's NYC Mech style is injected into the work also.

An added bonus to get Cross Bronx is the Rejection Letters in the back. Omeing publishes many of his letters, in hopes of encouraging others to have Patience. Knowing Oeming from 2 midjersey con's- success hasn't spoiled him yet (ah, Rick Springfield) and he absolutely believes in up and coming creators and small cons [yes!].


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Mark said...

Love Oeming's work. I'm sure I'll get this as a trade - hope the letters are in it too.

I gave up reviewing comics because it seemed kinda pointless when others did it weekly, and I get my comics only once a month (no LCS within a 50 mile radius). That said, a couple of weeks ago I got a package with so much great stuff I felt enthused enough to start doing it again.

But then, I'm a procrastinatory git, so I didn't bother.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous NickG said...

Totally off-topic but did you see the face off Wizard had up on it's site, Batgirl (Gordon) vs Batgirl (Cain)?

At 5:40 PM, Blogger redlib said...

M- I like reading your comics posts, no matter how much after the release they are. I'm usually a few weeks behind to.

Hi Nickg- Didn't see that post on Wizard, but will try to find it and check it out. Did see the '07 Batgirl bust!

At 6:36 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

Glad you liked Cross Bronx. Mike Oeming is such a nice guy and it's nice to see him hang out with the young up and coming artists at the "little cons." Plus he bought a soda from me for my Breast Cancer walk, so that puts him at the top of my list. Haha.


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