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Thursday, September 14

Year-long snooze

[blogger is driving me bonkers trying to upload images!sorry, I tried.]

A belated thanks to The Comic Treadmill for calling this mention in their blogomania list:
Redhead Fangirl: Thoughts from New Jersey's most interesting librarian.
The Comic Treadmill consistantly has very thoughtful and lengthy reviews and lots of images to add to their posts. New Jersey does have some interesting librarians, so I guess it's a good thing to be put at the top of that pile!

There are a few Marvel titles in my pull list--
She-Hulk 11 "Creature Comforts"
Dan Slott, Rick Burchett
Dan Slott on She-Hulk future. With a new arc, comes a new tone.
“I think you’d be hard pressed to find another book in the Marvel Universe that’s playing with everything in the canon of the mainstream Marvel Universe"

Burchett's art of She-Hulk show her represented as a taller, longer version. I thought her face seemed sort of long and big eyed sometimes, but he had her proportions more realistic than the cheesecake version we have seen.
Pug still believes that Jen is under a love spell, and that's why she married John Jameson.
Jen "He's not a wolf-man! He's a man-wolf!"
Two Gun Kid "You and your future-talk. Before long, you'll be having me callin' him a "Lupine-American"!"
The Starfox love power storyline wraps here, involving a character who absorbs superpowers and made everyone stay in love with each other.
Jen comes to the realization that most girls have after long periods of torturing themselves
"It's like a switch went off in my head. I'm not in love with that man."

Nextwave 7 Ellis, Immogen
There is no doubt that I smile a few times reading every issue of Nextwave. But is that enough to keep me reading it when the characters are so forgettable to me-- I can't seem to hold one name or backstory of character from issue to issue.
A deal is struck with Rorkannu, the Lord of the Dark Dimension, to rent his 'mindless ones'
for cash and girls "No blondes. I liked those suicide girls"
Regarding the x-men: "Magik was dead?" "X-men come back more than Jesus"
And hee hee to this line "Dr. Strange hit on my once. 'Got any magic in you? Would you like some'?"

Sloth Gilbert Hernandez
Thank you, public library. I just got Sloth in, and in the first few pages I've seen, really like the depressed-youth angle and the black and white artwork. It's smart but not overly wordy, edgy but not pretentious. I know it will get into that magical realism realm (a la Garcia-Marquez), so we'll see. Read it if you like depressed teens and suburbia stories.


At 5:50 AM, Blogger Justin said...

I never know what to comment but I enjoy the blog. Congrats on the kudos, and for the new link to check out. I liked She-Hulk as well, though it was a bit confusing by the end... I can't wait to see what happens to Andy. And I miss Stu.

I dropped Nextwave after having forgot to order an issue. I just continued not ordering. Something about it just feels detached. Ah well, there is still Fell.

Need to get Sloth. Hope you get the pictures worked out, don't despair too much... I find some days I have an easier time with it and somedays not.

At 7:00 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Thank you Justin. It's always nice to hear something positive. Really appreciate it.
I think you are dead-on about Nextwave by calling it 'detached'. It's like the funny guy with the one liners-- you laugh, but they don't let you know them.

At 8:54 PM, Blogger H said...

Thanks for the link! And for being an interesting to read blogger.

Any chance you'll give us an all-time top 25 redheaded comic book characters list?


At 5:39 AM, Blogger Mark said...

"Got any magic in you? Want some?" is Ellis riffing on the legendary Phil Lynott's famous gross out/pick up line, "Got any Irish in you? Want some"

Yeah, there's a level of detachment from the core values of Marvel (as laid down by Stan way back when, and followed religiously ever since, even by supposed iconoclasts like Bendis and Millar) in NEXTWAVE. It's why I like it so much. It's Ellis biting the hand that feeds, and doing it so damned etertainingly.

This was my favourite issue so far, just when I thought I was starting to get pretty bored with the series' tropes, too. The male bonding. The girl talk. The Ditko tributes. The briliantly handled shift in tone as soon as the team actually get down to business. Immonen's doublepage spread that took the issue into Peckinpahesque levels of heroic intensity. All cool.

At 10:40 AM, Blogger redlib said...

Maybe it is the time to create the redhead best-of list. I've certainly posted about redheads this entire blog.
Thanks as always for the background. Maybe this explains why I'm so distanced in Nextwave- you have to explain many of the references!

At 10:25 AM, Blogger hostile17 said...

what do you think of the Civil war titles? The only one I am reading consistently is Ms. Marvel, though I think that was just one arc

At 8:30 AM, Blogger redlib said...

I read one of the FF tie-ins, and a Wolverine one...but really only stuck with the main Civil War titles. Haven't read the latest, but I am not as into it as 52 on the DC side. Esp. don't like the PP unveiling.


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