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Tuesday, September 12

Reconnecting with redheads

I read 52 Week 18 and The All New Atom, 3 today on my breakat the library - and both comics had redheads and redhead references.
Ralph Dibny, redhead himself, is asked "Help, huh? Blonde or Redhead?"

And in the All New Atom, a very forward redhead faculty member and a first date with Dr. Choi...well, let's just say she grows on you.

Baltimore: Cup of Joe the excerpt that made me giggle:
Asked by a young girl if there will be a second season of Stan Lee’s Who Wants to be a Superhero series on SciFi, Quesada said that the program was something that Lee did through his POW Entertainment brand, and suggested that she write Lee a latter and tell him that she liked it, and he’ll bet back to her.

The girl followed up with, “What do you think, would happen if Spider-Man found out that you were the guys destroying his life?” Which was met by thunderous applause form the room, and stumped Quesada.

“He’d probably write Stan a letter too,” Quesada said.

Joss Whedon on Runaways
“Hey, Brian made my favorite book. I'm gonna do right by his kids, the ones that aren't dead or on Planet Hulk.”

Sean McKeever on Spider-Man Family. I've been a big fan of Spider-Man loves Mary Jane and McKeever's writing. Not sure where this will go, but if it gives MJ more face time, I'm down.


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