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Tuesday, September 19

What is a comics dilettante?

While being called a dilettante is a minor slight, Ellison goes overboard here:
Harlan Ellison on Litigious Rampage [from] Last month, we discussed how Harlan Ellison's lack of restraint made him the goat of this year's Hugo Awards. Well, the pugnacious science-fiction writer is as used to attacking as he is to being attacked, and he's proved that this week with a lawsuit against Fantagraphics Books, the Seattle-based independent comics publisher.

Describing himself in the general allegations as "a famous author, screenwriter, commentator and public speaker," Ellison claims that Fantagraphics, along with its principals Gary Groth and Kim Thompson, have defamed him in the forthcoming Comics as Art (We Told You So), as well as violating his "right of publicity" under California law by "wantonly trad[ing] on Ellison's name" when publishing The Comics Journal Library 6: The Writers, a collection of interviews which describes Ellison as a "famous comics dilettante" on the cover. You gotta love a complaint that refers to the alleged defamatory statements as "First Big Lie" and "Second Big Lie," but it's not like any of the parties involved on either side come across all that well.

I think this 2005 movie is under the radar, but I was so laughing out loud at this romantic comedy, about a "baxter", you know, the guy that is the placeholder because the girl lost the one she really loves. Showalter, Black, Wain -- all from The State and Stella-- appear in this modern ro-com.
The Baxter
Michael Showalter, Michelle Williams

The original sketch had a book and said Gotham County Library on the base, but didn't make the final product. Still great though.

Actually reading some fiction, but I have 2 weeks of comics waiting. Since I spent last weekend in Philadelphia, I knew I wouldn't have time to get through them.


At 7:27 PM, Blogger Gordon said...

What's also interesting - he's suiting Simon & Shuster as well as Paramount for using some of his CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER characters in an upcoming 40th anniversary novel.

I used to respect Ellison - now, he's just being obnoxious.

At 8:19 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Best wishes for many, many more!!!!!!!

At 2:43 AM, Blogger Mark said...

Never really rated Ellison - hold on, can he sue me for saying that?

At 6:39 PM, Blogger RunnerGirl said...

Happy 8th anniversary! I have been reading turtle's blog, and yours as well (I run) and thought it was funny, because my father actually owns a comic store in MI - and I grew up reading them religiously!

Here's to comic fanatics!


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