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Sunday, September 10

Flash, oh, oh, Flash...

I'm so not Flash, but I did run my first 5K Sat! But I ran my first 5K yesterday- Seaside Heights, NJ on the boardwalk. It was hotter than expected (80's at 10 AM), and it was an out and back run. As I was going out, I saw C with the leaders. He won his age group! So proud. As for me, I kept an even pace and finished faster than I thought, but there were more walkers (it was for the Cancer Society, and many people had names on their backs of who they were there for). Post race we had bagels and muffins and juice, while my face stopped being purple from being overheated. Walked the boards for a few hours. Crashed, then went to phillygirl's Beef and Beer for her 60 mile walk.

American Virgin 6
Adam: "I'm a momma's boy" [run, girls!]
"You're a total virgin?"
Alex Alexis, drag queen and interviewing for GLB TV, is doing her shock interview with Adam and ends up surprised at his character:
"I don't like your type. Holier than thou. I'm troubled to see you have some real human compassion."
Adam's conflict with his christian beliefs and the turmoil of the murder of his girlfriend- and the need to track down the murderers- has been one of the more unique stories being told in comicbookland. I'm a very lapsed catholic, and biblebeaters tend to be opposite my beliefs or hypocrites in some cases. So following Adam has been a good test of tolerance for me.

Y The Last Man 50
(spoilers!) We were told that this would be the issue to reveal what killed all the men. Well, I need to do more research on Dr. Mann's last page to see what kind of doctor will help put together the mystery- but in no way do I feel the answer of why Yorick is left is solved. So that was disappointing to me. However, the art of Yorick and Ampersand was particularly cute this issue.

Rex Libris 5
Non-librarians should be reading this series! It's hyper-literate, with terms like biopolytronic masking field being commonly thrown around. You certainly get your wordcount bang for the buck- it takes quite a while to get though a story because the introductions and story are lengthy. The black and white art of librarian Rex, working his way around the universe to "preserve knowledge and wisdom for thousands of years against all forms of perfidy- and the moaning undead legions who ignore the 'quiet please' sign", is sharp, well done, and simple yet complex. How can you not like a character that exclaims "Oh Belgium!" and makes fun of the space babes "Can't exist here! Deadly allergic reaction to copious amounts of clothing!"

Just started reading Jim Starlin's Mystery in Space. Looks like a good read!


At 8:36 PM, Blogger Rae said...

Congratulations!!!! The first race is always the most special!!

I bought some Comic Book Stamps the other day at the Post Office. Have you seen them? They have Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, etc on them. Let me know if you want me to buy a sheet of them and send them up to you!

At 10:07 AM, Blogger redlib said...

It's nice to hear congrats from a pro runner like you!
I was one of the first in line to get the DC stamps-- kept buggin' the post office. Love them!

At 10:22 AM, Blogger lauree said...

congratulations on your 5K!!!

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous RamessesIX said...

Congratulations on the run! I used to love to run, but my knees don't take the pounding so well anymore. I remember going to Seaside Heights as a kid - everything seemed larger than life back then.

I didn't know Starlin was still in the business! Have you ever read any of his older stuff? I'm a big fan of his Warlock and Captain Marvel from the '70s, and someone on another message board has put me onto Dreadstar, which I'm going to have to pick up next time I get a chance.

At 1:45 PM, Blogger redlib said...

I liked when they announced Starlin on the Mystery in Space at the DC panel- there was a fan-awedom buzz. Some want him to do the art on this- but he's writing. I really do need to check out his older works!


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