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Thursday, September 21


Birds of Prey Batgirl/Catwoman
The first part, BIRDS OF PREY: CATWOMAN/BATGIRL, featuring art and cover by Darick Robertson (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) and Jimmy Palmiotti (21 DOWN) with a cover by Robertson, takes place in the past, when Barbara Gordon filled the role of Batgirl.

Picked up this from a dealer this summer. Published in 2003, it's a good standalone story of Batgirl and Catwoman, with both women playing off each others strengths. Catwoman is sassy and independent, but still a thief; Batgirl is courageous, smart, but still unsure of her place. The end of the book sets up a Catwoman/Oracle story, where the playing field is a bit more level, I suppose.

A very fast scan here- seems much darker than the actual book. This was a great scene with Robin. Barbara is trying to prove herself as a detective in the shadow of the big Bat, and Robin is interested and encouraging of her (forshadowing their Oracle-Nightwing romance).

Read Civil War 4. I've made my opinion clear since SW2 that I hate the unveiling of Peter Parker. The delays in this make me appreciate 52 more and more. While not the grand funeral/betrayal/Gods of Civil War-- the flow and characters are so much more fleshed out [well, comparing 4 issues to like 20, I guess so].


At 3:21 PM, Blogger Mark said...

So, didja hear who was the father of Catwoman's baby yet?

At 1:47 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Finally read Catwoman the other day-- guess the father is Sam, with the one year ago "shut up and kiss me" scene. OK.


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