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Sunday, October 8

beer, toe nails

A last minute decision led me to Wade's Comic Madness, for 24 comic day. MidJersey Comicon regulars Michael Oeming, Rob Reilly and Brian Quinn were set up for a few hours. I thought I'd say hello and browse the store- but when I came in they gave me a beer and let me sit at the table with them. We talked about upcoming projects: Omega Flight and the 2nd issue of Cross Bronx from Oeming...Brian Quinn is working on Wicked Samurai...and Reilly left his job to work on an autobiographical graphic novel.

This led to a discussion of remembering things in your past you'd rather leave behind. I coughed up to having a journal from when I was 12, and grading the days...ah, the mind of a 12 year old. Surprising I even function as an adult now.

We also discussed men and toe nail clipping. Oeming apparently can fling his cut toenails at a great velocity.

So it was a fun spur of the moment time. I left well before the planned wet dog food eating contest...

And having picked up my $60 in comics -- many to catch up on and review soon.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

Sounds like fun. Unfortunately I was walking my last 16-miles in the 3-Day.


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