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Saturday, September 2

Green Hornet, Redhead

Bought this Green Hornet purely for the redhead cover.

RF is lucky to have both an audio and video mention recently-

Females in fandom: Comic Book Noise had a podcast on Females in fandom, and after discussing big sites like Friends of Lulu, Sequential Tart-- he talks about some of the "larger" blogs he goes to...including this one. Nice words for Shelly- says her good taste is due to being a librarian!
Comic Book Noise podcast #56 44 minutes

Variant Edition Episode 25
Coverage from the MidJersey Comicon from my VE friends (now producing a show at the Harvey Awards- rock on!). I'm so glad they gave some air time to indie creators that were at my show, and guests Mike Oeming and Chuck Satterlee. You can even see a punchy me at the end of the show!

Giant Size Episode 25 and Luis' Video Blog from the MidJersey Comicon.
Mike and Kevin take the new intern, Luis, to the MidJersey Comicon...hilarity ensues!

Episode 25
Mike and Kevin talk to Chuck Satterlee, Scott Derby, Dave Perillo, Geekboy Press' Louie La Palombara and con organizer [me]. And Luis shows how not to react during an interview when he gets a shot to interview Mike Oeming and Rob Reilly.

August referrals
[or a referral I got: referr madness]
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heatmiser costume
trust me guy is doomed


At 10:01 PM, Blogger Derby said...

Thought I'd let you know that I just added a new character to my blog, and I have a feeling that it's one that you'd like to see... Let me know what you think...

At 6:17 AM, Blogger Gordon said...

Good call on Green Hornet # 1 - it's actually done by Jim Steranko, and I actually have a full size poster version of that cover somewhere.

(Series - OK; took the intergenerational aspect of GH a little *too* seriously)

At 4:44 PM, Blogger redlib said...

Can't believe I didn't even look who did the cover art! Steranko, of course! My friend R said he also has the poster version, where her gun is a revolver instead of the revolver.


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