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Tuesday, September 5

Pathetic Fallacy, or Gary

Jack of Fables 2 Willingham
Quickly becoming a top of the pile series, Jack of Fables continues with Humpty Dumpty attempting to escape:
"You go over that fence, nobody's going to bother putting you back together again.", Jack's post-coital morning with Goldilocks:
"just because she's an insane killer didn't mean I wasn't going to sleep with her"
"okay, time to lose psycho girl"

and my favorite, escorting Jack to his meeting- Pathetic Fallacy, with thin blonde hair and hooded eyes, who really would like to be called "Gary".

Eternals 3Gaiman, Romita Jr.
I have to say that Eternals has not been capturing me. I've stuck with the first 3 issues, hanging on to see if I cared more about Mark Curry, Sirsi, and how he can take guns away from kidnappers because he can move with superspeed. Until this issue, when Iron Man broke through a glass window [a full panel with shards of glass seeming in motion- great art on that]- I perked up. I'm no Tony Stark fan, but his questioning of Sirsi "I've never been in the Avengers" and rescue of scientist Thena Eliot "my husband is dead. You owe me this one. Take me home."-- gave me the juice I need to continue reading.

Deadman 1 Bruce Jones, John Watkiss
Read this on a quick library break. Think I need to go through it again to get a better sense of the time shifting panels.

DMZ Body of a Journalist 5 of 5
The urban warfare remains of Manhattan, with landmarks like Subway tunnels and the Empire State with pieces missing, continue to give a gritty backdrop to Matty's story of the DMZ zone.
"I learned that somethings are more powerful when they're kept secret"
Matty brokers an agreement to stop a land invasion and show that Viktor was killed by the military, and that he is alive. Matty has sex with the independent newswoman! Poor guy, how could he go almost a year?
"I've been in the city almost a year..and now I finally feel like I'm part of it"

Secret Six 3-- continues to be an interesting read from Gail Simone. Ragdoll is so beyond the pale, freaky and funny, and not predictable.
A poet Muriel Rukeyser,what would happen should one woman tell the truth about her life? She said The world would split open."

Vandal Savage has visions of her father telling her to have a child and assassins are hired to take out the group.

Also read: Checkmate 5, Catwoman 58, Fell6, 52, Spidey loves MJ 9, Walking Dead 30, BOP97 and Girls 16. Need to read the latest Nextwave, Rex Libris, She Hulk, Superman, and Justice.


At 2:22 PM, Blogger PhillyGirl said...

You're reading Deadman also? We're practically reading all the same stuff now. I also read Eternals, DMZ, Secret Six, Walking Dead, Nextwave, and She Hulk.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger redlib said...

That Vertigo line is for me- "mature and sophisticated" that "doesn't fit tradition superhero comics". Then I get my spandex kick too!


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