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Friday, June 29

FF and SS

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
I have loved the Silver Surfer. In the 80s, these were the first and only comics I bought, growing up near the beach and even bad surfing myself for a year. I think the movie may rate above 36% fresh for me, because it did have some moments I enjoyed. I like Reed Richards. The Johnny's such a player lines get a little tiring. I wish Alicia was a redhead like the comics. I like the fact they are a family, and care for one another. I think Jessica Alba does her best as Sue Storm, but the fake blue contacts and blonde wig just don't suit. And Von Doom's appearance was silly- head down looking over eyebrows in too many shots to establish "he's bad". Kind of forgettable all in all.

36% fresh from Rotten Tomatoes

Forever Geek on FF
There are a few things that I had to roll my eyes at (Mr. Fantastic “dancing” being one of them), and few things that I just flat out don’t like (Doom - again), but overall, I really had a good time with this movie.

Rolling Stone review of FF

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Tuesday, June 26


Wizard World sketch from Christopher Uminga

I'm sneezing and my throat is sore; the library A/C is still not fixed so only 2 of 9 units work at reference in 98 degree heat index; we have a patron who steals womens shoes to look out for. On the good side, our 'bring a poem or song' to the book group last night went very well. Next week I start the very first "Adult Summer Reading" program at our branch- why should the kids get it all?

Catwoman 68
An almost all action issue, with Selina's baby once again threatened by villians- this time much more serious villians. A call to the Wayne residence for help is placed. A good issue but a bit of a retread. The ad for Black Canary 4 issue series seems great!

Tag 4
Ed's mysterious information source pops up. The story begins in Atlantic City, NJ, with a casino skyline showing Showboat casino (have a family member who works there). It was a talky issue from the bar bender to the diner.

Picked up two new comics to me: White Picket Fences, and The Highwaymen. One of the writers, Marc Bernandin from EW was on a panel PhillyGirl and I saw at NYCC.

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Sunday, June 24

garage band

First work I've seen by the Italian artist Gipi. The soft focus of the watercolor type art is very different from your normal rock-band art (thick inks and sharp edges), and it works. The four guys striving to make their demo in a ratty garage- the guitars, amps, and one girlfriend- and the family relationships. A very, good quick read, and more high quality work from First Second publishers (American Born Chinese)

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Friday, June 22

Hard knock life for redheads

I asked Ziggy McCoy to draw in my sketchbook "whatever fell out of his brain" but only a redhead female. This is the sketch I got.

Well, he does do a comic called Operation Pajama Pants, after all.

Other redhead comic news:

Conan O'Brian and Spidey? I like that redhead, but this is more than a little odd.

BeaucoupKevin states Reason #221 why to hate the comics industry: Spidey and Red Sonja (but we do like Oeming!)

Mary Jane Marvel Zombies I bought all the MZ first series, think the joke ran it's course, and don't like that they used the teen-leaning Mary Jane cover.

Off to library training!


Wednesday, June 20

Who ya gonna call?

I briefly met very nice guys Dave Tango (a Jersey boy!) and Steve Gonsalves of Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters show. Shoreturtle is a big fan.

I also snapped this pic with the Ghost Busters:

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Monday, June 18


After a panel where Brian Michael Bendis interviewed David Mack and Mike Oeming, we bum rushed the stage and got him to sign for PhillyGirl and take this photo. The panel was more serious about the creative process than expected, but of course there was a lot of discussion of "zapping herself with powers" that ended with a Mack vs. Oeming arm wrestling match for the Hero Initiative. It was quick and I didn't really say much, but I like this pic a lot. Also, I liked when I walked past the Suicide Girls booth and one of the suicide girls said she liked my vest-- I said "It's kind of Veronica Mars" and she said "That's exactly what I thought!".

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Sunday, June 17

more jibba jabba

A few things I am intrigued by from Wizard-

Pfeiffer adds Catwoman in Amazons Attack
Black Canary Green Arrow Wedding
Superman 666 Busiak and Simonson
Metal Men- adds history so 'great place to jump on'
Superman/Batman by Michael Green of Heroes (with new DC Exclusive Shane Davis)
Justice League/Hitman (Ennis 2 issue)
Sinestro Corps ('every DC series in years referenced in it')
Renee- new Question series
Justice League bachelor and bachelorette parties
The Vinyl Underground - college students/occult detectives in London
Y the Last Man 57 next month
Northlanders- Brian Wood's viking series Dec.
Silverfish- crime noir GN black and white art
Sentences- Percy's NY hip hop culture
Cairo- VP Bob Wayne said it could be "the best first GN I've ever seen anyone do"

The Un-Men - artist friend Mike Hawthorne takes on Swamp Thing side cast. He "avoids monthly books but these characters are such freaks they are fantastic to draw". I mentioned in the panel how I loved Umbra, and thinks it deserves a wider audience. He said it was the only Image book nominated for a Harvey Award...

Marvel- (didn't go to any Quesada panels, but it was good to see female fans asked many questions of him)
Terry Moore on SMLMJ

Fun to visit artist and writers in artist alley, like Rags Morales, Chuck Satterlee, Louie from Geek Boy Press, Brian Quinn, Mike Oeming, Rob Reilly, Ziggy Blumenthal, Dave Perrillo and Scott Derby...and tried to look at and buy some sketches from others who caught my eye. Will scan some of those soon.

Held up the line while Steve McNiven and I talked. (even though we were the end and held the sign, for the first time people ignored the sign and just harassed me until I passed it back, so those damn folks should be happy). I said "well, you've been signing Civil Wars for a year, when will we see something else." He said he couldn't say yet. I asked "is it a female character? a team" and he just laughed and said he left it to marketing. But what I really loved is talking about how he missed being a teacher sometimes, and how I am a librarian. He said he and his wife "love libraries". Guess it's the good Canadian social conscious. Anyway, Khoi Pham sketched a She-Hulk for me, and a Spidey for PhillyGirl while we talked.

Visited Sean McManus, a MidJersey regular, at the Silent Devil booth. Spoke with nice guy Chris Berenek at the Silent Devil table and bought Dracula vs. King Arthur trade to support them. Silent Devil will publish no new titles, and he no longer EIC.


Saturday, June 16

Conning around...

Bryan meets the cheerleader! Hayden was a beautiful girl as expected. He also said she sang part of the national anthem and has a great voice!

Two top line funny things that I did today:
1. Quesada finished his signing, and as we waited for Steve McNiven, I heckled Joe with "leave Mary Jane alone". He sort of half smiled and said "I'm not doing anything to Mary Jane". I just said I had to get in some "random Mary Jane harrassment". Spur of the moment!

2. Walking down the celebrity aisle, Dirk Benedict had a long line. He was joking "Mr. T is over there" to his line...and I just blurted out "quit your jibba- jabba". Dirk completely laughed. I can't believe I said that to Dirk Benedict!

So much to say about creators we met, friends we saw over the two days with PhillyGirl at Wizard (over the next few days check out the blog). Did any of you like seeing my cam phone pictures? PhillyGirl got a lot of great figures and prints and comics- read her Day 1 quick report here. I got several indie artist sketches for my sketchbook- one involves Little Orphan Annie and a hatchet!

Bryan works at a comic store, but this was his first big con...he already said "when I go next year" we have him sold on big cons! He did get to meet Hayden from Heroes and Julia (metal show? Fuse?).

This was my question about when the announced Geoff Johns All-Star Batgirl would come out.

A fan asked when All-Star Batgirl by Geoff Johns will come out, with Carlin sarcastically asking “Why should All-Star Batgirl come out? None of the other ones do.” Wayne then said they learned their lesson from All-Star Batman & Robin and All-Star Superman to have a few is-sues in the can before anything is released, so they can “disappoint you in the middle of the story instead of the beginning,” he joked.

Mike Carlin actually stopped me at the DC booth and thank me for asking about A S Batgirl, because it gave him the best laugh of the panel. I told him I like to "serve it up", and we had a discussion about the All Star line, and how Dini said at NYCC that he "read it when he was little". It was fun to talk with a few of the DC staff and get some laughs!

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Ghost hunter

Dirk b


Fat spidey

Friday, June 15

Mack Oeming





Tuesday, June 12

cam pics Wizard on Fri!

Busy with house things, work things, guitar things, etc. Check this space on Friday- I hope to send some live from the floor cam pics of me and PhillyGirl's adventures at Wizard. The guest and panel list is light-- Rich told me it's also Heroes con this weekend and it seems that many creators have chosen it instead. As a small con organizer, it's great to see an indie con do so well. As long I have a signal and my phone, expect some pics!


Saturday, June 9

Nj seafood fest

Thursday, June 7


Bryan is going to his first Wizard, so while I was thinking of things to advise him with, I decided to provide:

Redhead Fangirls tips for attending a big comicon:

1. No matter how big a fan or how excited you are to meet an artist or writer, they might not look up from sketching even when you are buying their work for a friend (cough, Linsner) -- or they might ignore you for someone 'better' or 'bigger' (cough, Greg Horn) -- or they might look at you and not respond while you are trying to have your minute with them (cough, Jim Starlin)-- or they might have met you four times before at previous cons but never remember you (cough, Ivan Brandon).

2. Big name artists (Van Sciver, Morales, Oeming) can be incredibly friendly and giving of their time, even though they are swamped for sketches and autographs.

3. Girls are treated differently. You'll be hit on, or treated like you can't possibly be a real fan. Just roll with it, and if you feel uncomfortable, just leave the table or panel.

4. You need cash. Most artists don't take credit, and some dealers do, but not all.

5. Even if you get to the con over an hour before the doors open, you'll still probably wait in a long line to get on the floor an hour or so later. New York con, like 2 hours. Go to the bathroom. Get a drink and a snack or have one. Bring things to read (comics)!

6. Order your badge before the show or else you might also wait in a line before waiting in the main line.

7. Print out the guest and artist alley list. Go through your comics at home and bring the ones you want signed. However...

8. Chances are you will carry those comics around and won't get the chance to get a bracelet to meet even get in line to wait (Geoff Johns) , or you give up from the wait (Jim Lee).

9. Look at the programming schedule before hand. No matter what you decide, you will end up doing about 1/2 of what you want, because you run into people, or need to eat, or spend more time shopping. Pick the 2 or 3 most important things for the day.

10. Go with an easygoing friend who is willing to split off if you want do different things.

11. Sketches can cost $20 or $150. Hot artists will have their daily list filled very early, so if you have to have that Hawkgirl sketch by XYZ artist, get there as soon as you can.

12. Take the train to avoid parking hassles and fees. But count on the train being late (NYCC- had to de-train and wait on a freezing cold platform for the next train).

13. DC and Marvel usually put up a signing schedule for you to look over once you get to the con to help you plan. Sometimes you will be unexpectedly surprised by who will be there (Gail Simone).

14. Most creators will take a picture with you, or let you take one of them, but try to ask if it's OK. Then don't dork out like I did with Brian Wood and leave the comics he just signed because you're all gaga from meeting him and taking a picture. You will have to return and say "i'm a dork" to the DC staff and him.

The library just got in four 'adult' GNs today: Y #9, Justice 2, and two I want to read: Garage Band, God Save the Queen.


Wednesday, June 6

june blahs

Another new comic Wednesday! I'm still reading a few from last week: Dynamo 5, She-Hulk, and picked up a local writer with a comic called Philly.

The programming schedule for Wizard has been posted, but I haven't reviewed it. DC announced a Countdown panel, a Vertigo panel (always love those), and Marvel has the normal Cup o' Joe. I believe there is going to be a Bendis interviews Quesada session, so might go to that sideshow.

Work has been sort of annoying, plus the library temperature is around 80 which makes me headachy/overheated by the end of the day. I haven't been running this week, just vegging with the new digital cable, and watching PhillyGirl's Weeds: Season 1.

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Monday, June 4

Fangirl: Year two

There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it. (Bertrand Russell). Add comic before book, and you have the comic blogosphere!

Two years ago I started the Redhead Fangirl blog because I thought a female librarian comic reader was an unusual thing. I am better informed now, with all the great female fangirls whose blogs I've found (Heidi, Shelly) . Not to mention the wacky, the smart, the hysterical male comic fans (Mark, Rab,David) and store owner blogs (Mikester) I also read. Anyway, last year I listed a long list of my first year accomplishments- conventions, MidJersey Cons, Comic Blog Legion, artists and creators I met. I won't do that this year, but let me say that I really appreciate the people who read the blog- some even on a regular basis! Esp. those who comment, without that feedback I don't think that I'd keep it up.

Anyway, have you read the new The Boys 7 from Dynamite? Between finishing Preacher 1 and The Boys, I know Ennis is yet another twisted UK brain. Derick Robertson will be a Wizard Philly- another landmark because my first post was about my first comicon there two years ago.

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