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Saturday, June 16

Conning around...

Bryan meets the cheerleader! Hayden was a beautiful girl as expected. He also said she sang part of the national anthem and has a great voice!

Two top line funny things that I did today:
1. Quesada finished his signing, and as we waited for Steve McNiven, I heckled Joe with "leave Mary Jane alone". He sort of half smiled and said "I'm not doing anything to Mary Jane". I just said I had to get in some "random Mary Jane harrassment". Spur of the moment!

2. Walking down the celebrity aisle, Dirk Benedict had a long line. He was joking "Mr. T is over there" to his line...and I just blurted out "quit your jibba- jabba". Dirk completely laughed. I can't believe I said that to Dirk Benedict!

So much to say about creators we met, friends we saw over the two days with PhillyGirl at Wizard (over the next few days check out the blog). Did any of you like seeing my cam phone pictures? PhillyGirl got a lot of great figures and prints and comics- read her Day 1 quick report here. I got several indie artist sketches for my sketchbook- one involves Little Orphan Annie and a hatchet!

Bryan works at a comic store, but this was his first big con...he already said "when I go next year" we have him sold on big cons! He did get to meet Hayden from Heroes and Julia (metal show? Fuse?).

This was my question about when the announced Geoff Johns All-Star Batgirl would come out.

A fan asked when All-Star Batgirl by Geoff Johns will come out, with Carlin sarcastically asking “Why should All-Star Batgirl come out? None of the other ones do.” Wayne then said they learned their lesson from All-Star Batman & Robin and All-Star Superman to have a few is-sues in the can before anything is released, so they can “disappoint you in the middle of the story instead of the beginning,” he joked.

Mike Carlin actually stopped me at the DC booth and thank me for asking about A S Batgirl, because it gave him the best laugh of the panel. I told him I like to "serve it up", and we had a discussion about the All Star line, and how Dini said at NYCC that he "read it when he was little". It was fun to talk with a few of the DC staff and get some laughs!

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At 9:48 PM, Blogger RAB said...

The "jibba jabba" line has made you the idol of millions. Or it would if there were any justice in the world!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger redlib said...

rab, glad you think so! I amazed myself by blurting it out!


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