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Tuesday, June 26


Wizard World sketch from Christopher Uminga

I'm sneezing and my throat is sore; the library A/C is still not fixed so only 2 of 9 units work at reference in 98 degree heat index; we have a patron who steals womens shoes to look out for. On the good side, our 'bring a poem or song' to the book group last night went very well. Next week I start the very first "Adult Summer Reading" program at our branch- why should the kids get it all?

Catwoman 68
An almost all action issue, with Selina's baby once again threatened by villians- this time much more serious villians. A call to the Wayne residence for help is placed. A good issue but a bit of a retread. The ad for Black Canary 4 issue series seems great!

Tag 4
Ed's mysterious information source pops up. The story begins in Atlantic City, NJ, with a casino skyline showing Showboat casino (have a family member who works there). It was a talky issue from the bar bender to the diner.

Picked up two new comics to me: White Picket Fences, and The Highwaymen. One of the writers, Marc Bernandin from EW was on a panel PhillyGirl and I saw at NYCC.

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