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Sunday, June 17

more jibba jabba

A few things I am intrigued by from Wizard-

Pfeiffer adds Catwoman in Amazons Attack
Black Canary Green Arrow Wedding
Superman 666 Busiak and Simonson
Metal Men- adds history so 'great place to jump on'
Superman/Batman by Michael Green of Heroes (with new DC Exclusive Shane Davis)
Justice League/Hitman (Ennis 2 issue)
Sinestro Corps ('every DC series in years referenced in it')
Renee- new Question series
Justice League bachelor and bachelorette parties
The Vinyl Underground - college students/occult detectives in London
Y the Last Man 57 next month
Northlanders- Brian Wood's viking series Dec.
Silverfish- crime noir GN black and white art
Sentences- Percy's NY hip hop culture
Cairo- VP Bob Wayne said it could be "the best first GN I've ever seen anyone do"

The Un-Men - artist friend Mike Hawthorne takes on Swamp Thing side cast. He "avoids monthly books but these characters are such freaks they are fantastic to draw". I mentioned in the panel how I loved Umbra, and thinks it deserves a wider audience. He said it was the only Image book nominated for a Harvey Award...

Marvel- (didn't go to any Quesada panels, but it was good to see female fans asked many questions of him)
Terry Moore on SMLMJ

Fun to visit artist and writers in artist alley, like Rags Morales, Chuck Satterlee, Louie from Geek Boy Press, Brian Quinn, Mike Oeming, Rob Reilly, Ziggy Blumenthal, Dave Perrillo and Scott Derby...and tried to look at and buy some sketches from others who caught my eye. Will scan some of those soon.

Held up the line while Steve McNiven and I talked. (even though we were the end and held the sign, for the first time people ignored the sign and just harassed me until I passed it back, so those damn folks should be happy). I said "well, you've been signing Civil Wars for a year, when will we see something else." He said he couldn't say yet. I asked "is it a female character? a team" and he just laughed and said he left it to marketing. But what I really loved is talking about how he missed being a teacher sometimes, and how I am a librarian. He said he and his wife "love libraries". Guess it's the good Canadian social conscious. Anyway, Khoi Pham sketched a She-Hulk for me, and a Spidey for PhillyGirl while we talked.

Visited Sean McManus, a MidJersey regular, at the Silent Devil booth. Spoke with nice guy Chris Berenek at the Silent Devil table and bought Dracula vs. King Arthur trade to support them. Silent Devil will publish no new titles, and he no longer EIC.



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