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Monday, July 6

Days without Superman, Spiderman, other supes

A few non-superhero comics worth your time and hard earned money--

Mr. Stuffins 2
“My teddy bear’s a secret agent!” In this issue, the action continues as Mr. Stuffins fights for his family with all the power a plush toy can. Chaos, fun, and mayhem ensue, from the creator of EUREKA Andrew Cosby and EUREKA writer Johanna Stokes with art from hot newcomer Axel Medellin! Series Features “A” covers By MOUSE GUARD’s David Petersen.

Pride and Prejudice
IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife… Tailored from the adored Jane Austen classic, Marvel Comics is proud to present PRIDE AND PREJUDICE!

Back to Brooklyn (5 issues)
The controversial over the top crime thriller is finally collected! Big Bob Saetta made the biggest mistake of his life by pissing off his brother, one of the biggest and most brutal crime bosses in New York City. This is the story of two brothers at war, wrapped in a special package of extreme language and hardcore violence. Join award winning writer GARTH ENNIS (Preacher, The Punisher), JIMMY PALMIOTTI (Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane) and artist MIHAILO VUKELIC on an adrenaline ride that rips the roof off Brooklyn’s criminal underworld!

Air (Air issue #11 out July 15)
Written by G. Willow Wilson; Art and Cover by M.K. Perker
Collecting the story that started it all, from AIR # 1 - 5! Blythe knew it was a risky time to be an airline stewardess, but the skies might be much more dangerous than anyone imagines. She's just learned of the Etesian Front – vigilantes dedicated to take the skies back from terrorism.

The Sword

Read #1 for free!

It was a day like any other for Dara Brighton, a promising young college student, until three strangers knocked on her door, looking for a unique sword, and destroyed her life.

Echo (Trades 1 and 2 available)
Terry Moore is back with a new series, and this time he's going nuclear! Julie Martin is taking photographs in the desert when she witnesses a massive explosion in the sky. Covered in the bizarre, metallic fallout, she races home to find a chunk of the mercury-like metal came with her. When the metal becomes attached to her skin, Julie is unaware that she is host to a new symbiotic technology: a living bomb! The first printing of this issue will feature a special silver-embossed cover!

House of Mystery (Trades 1 and 2 out)
Written by Matthew Sturges and Bill Willingham; Art by Luca Rossi, Ross Campbell, Sean Murphy, Zachary Baldus, Steve Rolston and Jill Thompson; Cover by Sam Weber "

Welcome to the House of Mystery! Filled with peculiar, otherworldly characters from all walks of life, this series from Matthew Sturges (JACK OF FABLES) and Bill Willingham (FABLES) focuses on five people trapped in the reality-warping House of Mystery, a supernatural bar where tales are the legal tender and only the finest storytellers are patrons!

Jack of Fables (Trades 1-6 available)
Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges; Art by Tony Akins and Jose Marzan, Jr. ; Cover by Brian Bolland
When Bookburner's army attacks Revise's compound, Jack returns not as a prisoner but as Commander-in-Chief. In this new title collecting issues #28-32 of Jack's monthly series, secrets are revealed, including the strange relationships between Jack and the Page sisters.

The Literals (3 issues of Fables crossover)
Written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges; Art by Mark Buckingham and Andrew Pepoy Cover by Mark Buckingham
"The Great Fables Crossover" part 9 of 9! In this issue it's all over. No, we don't just mean that the big crossover event is over, we mean it's all over for the universe and everyone in it. Kevin Thorn, the Literal embodiment of storytelling, wants to rewrite the universe, beginning again with a new blank page. In this issue he gets his wish. What more is there to say?

DMZ (issue #43 July 15th)
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Written by Brian Wood; Art by Ryan Kelly; Cover by John Paul Leon"No Future" continues, tracking the inner workings of the DMZ's notorious death cult from its more mindless and random street actions to the more sophisticated operations that betray its thug exterior.

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At 5:28 PM, Blogger David said...

Thanks for mentioning The Sword by the Luna Brothers. As you probably know, it's one of my favorite current comic book series, and we spotlighted it on our NJLA panel earlier this year.


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